It looks like “Celebrity Wife Swap” featuring Coolio and his girlfriend Mimi broke the unhappy couple up.

After swaping husbands with Mark McGrath, Mimi realized that her relationship with Coolio simply sucked and she could so better. She reportedly left him only six weeks after the show.

If not Coolio, everyone else probably saw it coming after seeing how Mimi gets limited help around the house and taking care of three kids. Coolio and McGrath are like day and night. McGrath is very hands on, while Coolio is very, well sleep.

While Mimi got a break from Coolio, Mark’s wife Carin had to struggle with Coolio literally sleeping while she scrubbed toilets and floors all day.

During post-swap summit Mimi told Coolio, “Our relationship sucks, it really does.” Now Coolio is left single and to take care of himself, by himself.

 (photo credit: yahoo!) 

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