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When you hear that a football star has written and produced a movie, you’re probably not thinking it’s one you should run out and see. Well, Baltimore Ravens All-Pro linebacker Terrell Suggs might be the exception. With a fresh Super Bowl ring in hand, maybe an Oscar is next? Well, no, but his movie “The Coalition,” which Suggs financed and co-wrote, is actually pretty fun to watch.

His Team Sizzle films with director Monica Mingo at the helm mines the same territory of the BET show “The Game” – the world of pro athletes that Suggs knows well. “The Coalition,” which has been on the black festival circuit from The American Black Film Festival in Miami last year to the recent Pan-African Film Festival, is about four girlfriends who decide to get their revenge on the four guys whose bad relationship behavior has impacted them.

NBA player Prime Alexander is the center of the story. He’s dating Autumn, but decides to end that relationship in a particularly callous way to take up with another woman, Skylar. Skylar is new to the pro athlete dating scene which puts her at a disadvantage. When she gets clued in by Autumn and her more experienced friends, she too, wants some payback.

Aside from proving that pro athletes can be serious about aspirations outside of football, “The Coalition” gives opportunities to a group of young actors who might have trouble finding work elsewhere. Familiar names like Jackee, singer/actress/reality star Adrienne Bailon and Denyce Lawton are also in the movie, but it’s the newcomers like Eddie Goines who plays Alexander and Ingrid Clay who plays Autumn who really shine in the movie. You may remember Goines from Beyonce’s “If I Were A Boy” video.

The actor makes his lead debut in “The Coalition” but has also done commercial for Dockers, Coors and Nike. He’s happy that “The Coalition,” has gotten a warm response thus far. Goines, a former pro football player himself says working with Suggs was a great experience.

“He was great,” Suggs told “I’m blown away that he was able to even do something like a feature film on top of all of the great things he’s doing on the field. It’s really something to see him balance both lives and not just do them but do them at a high level. I mean this film has been very entertaining for people to watch and I just feel that it’s a heck of a first effort for him and Monica. They should have a bright future.”

“The Coalition” is out on Blu-Ray and DVD now. Watch the trailer below.

(Photo: Courtesy “The Coalition” Facebook page.)