Roland Martin talks with Father George Clements about the impact of the Pope’s resignation, the possibility of a black Pope and HBO’s ‘Mea Maxima Culpa: Silence in the House of God’ documentary about sexual abuse scandals in the Roman Catholic Church.

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2 thoughts on “Father George Clements on the Next Pope, Sex Abuse Scandals & More

  1. Priests should be allowed to marry with the stipulation that the wife must be a nunn. This should cut out the abuse of children. After all, how do they think they got here–their parents had sex, right? . . .and the ones that continue to abuse children, should be locked up like any other child abuser.

  2. BellaBrown on said:

    The race of the next pope is not important. Father Clements response to the sex scandals of the church was more than disappointing. Sadly, the veiws he expressed this morning are shared by of a large number of clergymen. I have left the catholic church and will no return until they can acknowledge and start punishing the horrible preist who commit these awful crimes.

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