What the is the Onion‘s problem?

A lot of folks, including civil rights activists Najee Ali (Project Islamic Hope) and Rev. KW Tulloss (NAN), are rightfully upset with the Onion.com, a so-called satire site for calling 9-year-old actress Quvenzhané Wallis the C-word.

“Everyone else seems afraid to say it, but that Quvenzhané Wallis is kind of a cunt, right? #Oscars2013” — The Onion (@TheOnion) February 25, 2013.

The tweet was sent out around 8:42pm PST Sunday evening and quickly made the rounds on the social media website. And wouldn’t you know it, an  hour later, the offending message was deleted from The Onion’s feed.

As it should be, the outcry has been immediate for the totally inappropriate and cheap dig.

Actor Wendell Pierce (“Treme” and “The Wire”) called out The Onion via Twitter: “Identify the writer. Let him defend that abhorrent verbal attack of a child. You call it humor I call it horrendous.”

Meanwhile civil rights activists are calling For an immediate public apology from Will Tracy editor of the Onion for allowing the tweet from their twitter account.

“It’s shameless for Will Tracy to allow these types of vile tweets about children on the Onion’s site. Our coalition of African-Americans leaders are calling for Tracy to publicly apologize for those vile comments or there will be a boycott of their sponsors,” stated Najee Ali director of Project Islamic Hope.

On a positive note, Wallis was officially announced as the next “Annie” which is currently being produced by actor Will Smith.

14 thoughts on “Quvenzhané Wallis Called C-Word by Onion Site; Activists Demand Apology

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  2. Nice metaphore, if still misplaced. I cant even be bothered to try and break it down for you, you sound lost. ”ignorance is bilss” i could do these quotes all day as well. but standing up for yourself is not a duty, its a right. one you only owe yourself. I was not going to bother to type anything further but actually no. this sort of thing, the thing we are talking about HAS only ever happened to a little black girl that is the point. when there have been several opportunites to test this satire on any number of people, children and adults they reserved it for a black child. And the flagrant use of profanity is the lazy mans comedy so it was a complete backfire. That aside Writing that tom cruise is nuts or even calling his children childish names the Onion has indeed done, but it has NOT EVER sought to cause a controversy by calling any white child a cunt. We are not addressing if a parent is too fool to not know that an unhealthy diet with no phyiscal activity leads to fat, for themselves and their children. Nor are we debating the USA ‘s gun laws which allow everyone to act out their billy the kid fanatsy. In any case my sympathy would still go out to parents of all creeds who have lost their innocent child to gun violence. but especially to familes Like that of the young black boy Trayvon Martin, who got shot while going to the shop by an hispanic man because he ”thought he was going to cause trouble”. Yeah and we all missed the point. alright mate.

  3. “Indifference” is exactly that until its one of your own being victimized by it. The term “cunt”is not racist; it is sexist. Either way Quvezhanie Wallis a child by nature should not be the brunt of someone’s ignorance and cruelty. After all, the twitter of the Onion.com would never have deemed Tom Cruises’ daughter Suri with the likes of it in jest or seriousness. If it had been…America would be whistling a different tune.

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  5. Yeah, I am getting of tired of hearing them myself….My neice who is 20 years old says, I am learning so much about the others since POTUS has came in office….

  6. I am just so SICK of those people! I every society, they are vermin! They’ve caused nothing but harm, hurt, viciousness, terror, plunder, death and destruction. They came from European nations to the Americas and brought disease and sickness that nearly and in some cases wiped out Native Americans! Now, they hide behind “keyboard courage” and spew vile and vicious words without feeling or morals. Then they hide behind the guise of a half-a**ed apology and hide their faces, not out of shame, but out of the fear. They’re scared to let it be known that they are racist douche bags.

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    • Since when is cunt a racist slur? Sorry to burst your bubble but this issue isn’t about race it’s about an inappropriate attempt at humor that should not have happened. The guilty party apologized, what more do you want? It’s over, stop trying so hard.

      • I think Linda was responding to others comments that these things seem to happen to black people. I have never seen, nor think I would ever see Suri Cruise, Shiloh Pitt or any famous white offspring labeled a c**t in the media. The level of disrespect towards this little girl is mind-blowing. And yes, they apologized and we will move on, until the next one and the next one. It actually brought tears to my eyes to read that tweet and I hope that she will not have any idea about this for a very very long time.

      • This is how predjudice works it dehumanises us/people so that to use a word like this becomes ‘not so bad’ . ”it just a joke” its banter”. There is no instance of a white child being called this once in the public eye. So why was this initially ok? and no we are not social guinea pigs to be tested in this way. the sadder thing is that through this tatic even some of our people dont get it. And believe that there is nothing there, afterall Beyonce and rihana are doing well. so presume that everyone who is angered by this just has a chip on their shoulder. You should be questioning why did they test this ‘satire’ on one of the few black children to even be recognised by the film industry as a whole, and less you forget she is nine years old. Mate if your black it sounds like you have forgotten who and where
        you are start trying. And if your not i really would not expect more from you, your on par to be a good old fashioned berk. thats english rhyming slang ”berkley hunt = Cu*t.

      • Stephanie on said:

        Jason, I believe what he was trying to convet is that it was an attack on a little black girl, by a grown AZZ white man. And had she been a precious little white girl, it would not have happened. Why is she considered to be a cunt, because she is confident and not some ghetto little hoodrat with no morals? And he did not apologize Jason, the editor did. SO what is your point again???

      • You are all missing the point here. This was not racist, if anything this was sexist. These things do not just happen to black people! She was called a “cunt”. Its a derogatory term that knows no color lines. If any of you actually read The Onion you would know that The call people cunts quite frequently. The also run horrible stories about Suri Cruise and thousands of white children all the time. Where was this outrage when they made light of the killings in Sandy Hook? Or when they made light of the epidemic of obesity amongst children in the US? How many of you actually read the tweet from @theonion as opposed to finding out about it from some other outlet? And then became filled with rage because you think it’s your duty to do so. When your only tool is a hammer, every problem looks like a nail.

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