Dear Tom,

I’m writing this Christmas Wish request asking for help for my twelve-year- old son, Matthew. He is a tall, skinny, 7th grader with a good heart.  We have fallen on hard times lately because his father walked out on us leaving us both financially and emotionally hurt.

We are trying to move on and establish the best life that we can.   However, it’s been very difficult.  I slipped a disk in my back which causes pain and numbness in my legs, so I’m unable to work.   In order to keep a roof over our heads we moved in with my grown daughter and her two babies.

Tom, as of right now, my son and I exist on about seven hundred dollars a month, $250 of that goes towards my daughter’s rent in order to help her out. Matt has been wearing double hoodies to keep him warm against the bitter winter.  He could use a warm coat, new clothes that fit his growing frame, better shoes and to keep him entertained a bike and a new X-Box to replace the broken one his father gave him.

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2 thoughts on “Wednesday Christmas Wish: Pamela

  1. Good morning Tom and the morning crew, I’m Georgia Harper, well my dilemma starts with me moving back home last march. Upon moving back in my home I was faced with so many problems. Before I could get electricity I had to get the service line repaired which cost me half of my saving and then I had the hotwater tank to fall through the floor and had to spend the other half of my saving to get that repair, well since it;s winter time I discovered four months ago that my floor furnances isn’t working at all and have been without heat every since. I’m a single mother who has a daughter who attend college and I also attend college to get my Master Degree. I recently had to purchase a small heater to which only keep the room in which my daughter and I share. I have had several contractor out ot give me prices but the cost is not in my budget to get the heat fix. I also work 20 hours a wk while attending college. We have been barely getting by, I have applied for assistance but they tell me that I don’t qualify. I ‘m not a bad person nor mother I just want to give my daughter the best. She doesn’t complain at all, she is a very humble person, who always encourge me and keep me focus. Tom all I really want is to have the furnances repaired so that we can have heat. Everything else I can almost manage,. I really appreciate your time and patience in reading my letter

  2. Robbin Brandon-Moore on said:

    Hi Tom, I know that I missed the Christmas list for this week but I’ve been trying to get on for a very long time now. You see i am a single mother and I lost my house in a fire not even 2 years ago and it’s been very hard for my 1 year old and myself to adjust. We’ve moved into my mom’s house and have been there ever since. I ended up losing my last job because i had to take off more then a few days to be with my son at the hospital because he was a premature baby and his father is not in the picture because I won’t be with him. I finally got myself a new job but it’s taking all my time away from my son. I only see him at night now and that’s when he’s a asleep and it’s killing. It’s also hard for me to get him diapers clothes and more still because I’m helping out with the bills at my mom’s place and I carpool as well. So as soon as I get my check it’s gone within a blink of an eye. I don’t even have time to go shopping for him or my self. I only get one day off and I use that to sleep. Please Tom if you can help I would greatly appreciate it. If not not then I understand and thanks for taking the time out of your busy schedule to read this.

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