The drama got real outside of NBA star Metta World Peace‘s Los Angeles condo early this morning. Four men were spotted outside of of the basketball player’s condo with guns.

According to sources close to the LAPD say the police got a call some time near midnight about four guys hanging around the luxury apartment complex. Three of the guys were carrying handguns and the other man was holding a shotgun. Police announced they were there and awaiting the armed party’s appearance.

Relatives of World Peace heard the cops call for the armed men of their car loudspeaker and went outside to speak to police about the matter. However, they didn’t come out with identification and the cops placed Metta World Peace’s brother and cousin in handcuffs until they could prove they weren’t apart of the menacing group. Officers had to wake the Laker up so he could confirm the identities of his cousin and brother. Despite the inconvenience, Metta World Peace was very understanding about the situation.

As it turns out, the four men are residents of the complex. They were returning home with BB guns after creating a video. The men weren’t arrested, but given a warning for carrying the weapons in public areas.

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2 thoughts on “Police Have Standoff With Armed Men Outside Metta World Peace’s Condo

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