The Barbie doll comes in many different variations, but she is now donning a sort of stripper look…at least that’s what many of us thought.

There’s plenty of black Barbies out there, but there is NOT a new black Barbie available from Mattel with a stripper-look that shows a bit of cleavage.

The doll has a Nicki Minaj-ish look to her with bronze skin and golden blond hair, gold necklaces around her neck, toting Louis Vuitton’s monogram multi-color collection.

Mattel told MSN on Monday that the doll “is not a Barbie doll and is not created or sold by Mattel.” Repeat: they did not produce, create and/or sell the doll to anyone.  It’s still not clear where the image originated, but “MSN News found it on the Facebook page of R&B radio station WBLS 107.5 and is waiting for a comment from them.”

So for all of you who are in an uproar over the doll, it may very well be a Nicki Minaj doll that is set to come out soon. Who knows?  But we can rest knowing that Mattel isn’t putting out it’s latest African American Barbie stripper line.

Do you think this doll crosses the line? Let us know what you think. Comment below.

(Photo: EURweb)

14 thoughts on “Outrage Sparked by Alleged New Black Barbie with Cleavage

  1. I like it. This is what this generation is wearing and it is the style they flow, so what’s the big deal. If you wear it and you look like that in real life you should not be UPSET that your human style has moved to a doll. Please people make up my mind…….Please what do you want. Either you do or either you don’t. You can’t ride both sides of a fence all the time. The doll mimics what the American people put on and look like. If you think it’s wrong then YOU stop wearing/looking that way and it won’t be mirrored. It’s that simple. I personnally like it.

  2. Why are you mad? This is how so many of us dress…dont believe me? Sit on a bench and watch the foot traffic and see if you dont catch a glimpse of several real Adele’s out there!

  3. This doll is not new. It is an OLD Fashion Royalty Adele doll. The photo that has been widely circulated is from a collector that I know from the fashion doll collecting forums that I frequent. They did not give their consent to have their picture used to forward someone’s agenda to discuss the standards of beauty among the African American beauty. If anyone had bothered to do any research they would have learned that this is just one version of several Adele’s produced over the last 10 years. Fashion Royalty dolls are marketed and sold to adult collectors. The doll collecting community has lots of artists and photographers who restyle their dolls any way they see fit. This is a horrible violation of a collector’s privacy. People really need to do their research before jumping to conclusions.

  4. Wait of minute, we as black women are group of women who often have larger breast and bottoms. Come on now, if a black barbie had no big or round bottom, we would be saying “that is not real black barbie”. I find nothing wrong with the barbie.

  5. Majikquan on said:

    Women spend thousands of dollars for breast enhanments, now you wanna cry over a doll, If you don`t like don`t buy it. She fits the culture of today, you don`t like it because someone puts it in your face in the form of a doll.

  6. 55th st silverbacks on said:

    as i look around at my sisters i see a large percentage who have the “video queen” look with the blonde hair blue eyes and total disregard for there own hair. once again there is evidence of a people that have no curtural compass.

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