Jay-Z never thought he’d have to worry about his daughter having gentleman callers at the age of 12 months.

On “The Wendy Williams Show” this week, Alicia Keys revealed that her 2-year-old son Egypt with husband Swizz Beatz planted a big ole kiss on Blue Ivy, the 1-year-old daughter of Jay-Z and Beyoncé.

“Egypt kissed Blue, and I don’t think Jay liked it very much,” Keys told Wendy Tuesday. “He called my husband and he was like, ‘Watch your son.’”

We guess it’s never too early to be over protective.

15 thoughts on “Jay-Z Did Not Like Alicia Keys’ Son Egypt Kissing Blue Ivy

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  2. Fuck a skank on said:

    With the exception of the baby fuck the Carter family. She is a jealous has been and he is a fake ass snake who only made it to the top by cutting down those who trusted him. If I were given the chance I would take pride in smacking his bitch ass around and f@*king his trick in the mouth since a kiss from another baby angered him so much.

  3. Micheal on said:

    If he feels that way about a little kid kissing his daughter, they need to keep covering her face with that “receiving blanket and leave her at home. He needs a blanket over his face not BLUE iVY! Two Stupid ass parents!

  4. Yall know dam well that baby doesn’t look like Jay Z.

    You’ve GOT to be kidding – Both on Jay not wanting a kid touching his daughter AND Blue looking like Jay.

  5. Jay-Z you probably planted one on somebody,s little girl when you was small too, and it was funny like that is now, that’s so sweet, both kids are adorable, Worry about the old heads, not the little ones, Jay-Z……….lol

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