According to TMZ, Friday morning around 4:30am LAPD had to be called because Terrell Owens wouldn’t leave a woman alone.

The unidentified woman says he had been banging on her door for around 3 hours and she couldn’t take anymore so she called the cops on him.

Geez, T.O., has it come to this? Stalking and making a nuisance out of yourself?

Anyway, Owens was NOT arrested, but according to law enforcement sources, the woman says she couldn’t get the guy to go away after she made it clear he wasn’t welcome.

When cops arrived to the scene, the woman told police she was not afraid for her safety … she just wanted him off the property ASAP.

Police passed the message along to the ex-NFLer who the good sense to oblige and he also probably realized it was LAPD giving him the message.

One thought on “Police Called on Terrell Owens for Stalking

  1. Dumbass!!! No one wants you now, you have no money and have made a fool out of yourself…All he had to do was keep his mouth shut and catch the ball….

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