Tonya Battle, a black nurse out of Michigan, is suing her employer alleging that the hospital acquiesced to a dad’s racist demands.

According to Battle, the father demanded that no black nurses handle his white baby. She says that the father approached her while she was holding his son and then demanded to speak to her supervisor.

Battle’s charge nurse says the man revealed a tattoo of what resembled a swastika on his arm to her.

The Daily Mail reports that the next day, when Battle returned to work she saw a note on a nursing clip board that read “no African-American nurses to take care of this baby.”

The father’s request lasted for a month before a hospital lawyer had it removed.

Battle is seeking compensation for emotional stress and defamation of character through the lawsuit.

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9 thoughts on “African-American Nurse Sues, Says Hospital Allowed Racist Dad’s Demand

  1. ShaBoomBoom on said:

    I was born and raised on the east side of Detroit. Went to Detroit Public Schools, (in the 70’s). I still live in Michigan. I am a married, white woman, with three grown children, and three grandchildren. …and I have been a victim of racism. However, I am so ashamed of the Greater Detroit area as I have never seen anything like this in my life. This is just shameful. People just have to start treating people better whether they agree or not. I do not agree with anything I’ve read about this case. If the man who didn’t want his child treated by a black nurse felt so strongly about this issue, he should have made plans to have his child in his home. That said, I believe the nurse should have declined to be the child’s health care giver. Did he want her to treat his baby? Did she truly wish to treat his baby after hearing his views? The answer is -no- to both questions. …but, each person thought their feelings were more important than the other’s and neither could be the one to walk away. …which, if they did walk away, they could’ve ended all of this before it started. Wake up! Not everyone is going to agree with you! Not everyone is going to love you! …and until folks are able to respect each other, and voice an opinion without prejudice, we cannot even begin to end racism. From, both, black AND white people.

  2. Funny Jo To every ad and pic I see of this hospital is of white staff and patients giving praise to this hospital, except for maybe 2 or 3 people. Your wife probably was a bitch and as you all love to say it’s not racist if it’s true, right? Please! Your post is so full of stereo types it ain’t funny. And just so you know the next time you want to post negative things about blacks remember this in your stereo typing, black people don’t use the “c” word unless we are marking you all. That “c” word is all you with your foul az.

  3. Unfortunately, this is not a “new” situation. In 2003, Abington Hospital staff granted a similar request of a Caucasian father. The request was for no African Americans to be in the delivery room when his child was born.

  4. Angela W on said:

    Hope the nurse takes the hospital to the cleaners; all the hospital had to do was tell this racist man that the hospital staff racially diverse and if he objects to his infant being cared for by someone of another race, then he can make arrangements to have his infant transfered to a different healthcare facility of his liking. CASE CLOSED!!…..instead, the hospital accomodated this man’s racists view, therefore, opening itself up to a LAWSUIT!!

  5. msveenie on said:

    K Roberts you can be sick as a dog and all the qualified medical staff (who by the way will be black) will refuse to help you, then you’ll drop dead. That will make a glorious time for the rest of us!

  6. Ok everyone listen up here. I am sick of this crap! I live near this hospital and have been calling on this hospital for 10 years. Also, my wife was an RN here for 5 years (worked ER, cardiac ICU, etc). First, this hospital is the Gun, knife, alcohol and drug club. This is 90% of their cases. Drug dealers and alike are treated for free and the hospital gets about 50 million per year to give out free health care to “law abiding citizens”, lol. Anyway, my wife and myself are both white and this PROVES WHAT THE MAINSTREAM MEDIA WANTS TO CREATE!
    My wife was racially attacked at least 5 times per day for being white at this hospital, by black RN”s, other black staff members and black patients. She has been called a white Whor…, white bit…., white cun…., lazy white bit….., etc.. The black RN’s tell the white RN’s daily that they “HATE all the white nurses comin up in here!” This is a sham. Hurley has the most RACIST staff out of any hospital I know against white people. Even worst than downtown Detroit. Black patients would say to my wife everytime she met them for the first time: “damn, why do I have to have a white bitc…. nurse? Get me a black nurse!” Also, they would try to borrow money from her all the time and of course, they are not allowed to do that. So, she was racially attacked for not giving handouts as well!!!
    Plus, I don’t blame this guy for not asking for a black nurse. The black nurses there keep their nails super long which is a serious direct health violation because fungus grows under their nails. They never abide by the law and numerous times they have given patients infections and almost killed some patients with these infections because of fungus under the nails. Also, from not washing their hair. I WOULD NEVER WANT THEM TO TAKE CARE OF MY FAMILY MEMBER! EVER! They don’t shower, they don’t wash their hands, etc.
    Wake up everyone, black, white, asian, etc. The media and this Government are trying to create a race war. This hospital is the WORST when it comes to racism against white people. My wife had to deal with that daily. She had her life threatened many times for being white as well. She finally had to get out because she was in fear for her saftey.
    So, I am all in favor for what this father did. It is amazing what a story can turn out to be when you don’t have any idea of what the facts are.
    I could write a whole book on the racism against my wife and other white RN’s at this hospital, but of course, you never hear that on the mainstream news. My wife should be a multi-millionare but because she is white, they shake her off.
    My wife complained multiple times about the harrassment (other white nurses too) and they laughed in their face!!!!
    But, all of a sudden, this is an issue. Cmon, give me a break! Total BS!

  7. oh bite me. Racisim is only illegal in certain public places and in certain public situations. Any individual can be as racist as they so choose with regard to their own personal affairs. I can refuse help from anyone I so choose.

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