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After an exceptional Fall 2013 Tracy Reese show, we caught up with the iconic Angela Bassett and trend-setting Angela Simmons in front row for some fun fashion conversation. We discussed personal style, shoes, and worst fashion moments. Check out what they had to say!

What is your personal style aesthetic?

Usually, like what I have on. Motorcycle boots, jackets, pants, you know: power, strong, a power suit!

What shoes are you wearing today?

Oh, these are just my DKNYs. Just to get up in the snow and slush! Would have been heels otherwise.

What are you looking forward to for Fall 2013?

Don’t know yet. I’ll just wait to see what comes!

What are you looking forward to for Fall?

Not wearing big coats, wearing little leather jackets.

What is your personal style aesthetic?

I like to be feminine, but I also like to be edgy at the same time. Mix of both.

What are your favorite trends for Fall?

Mixed fabrics, I love that.

What is your worst personal style moment?

A sheer dress I had on. It didn’t look right! I look back and I’m like why?

What shoes are you wearing?

Cesare Paciotti.

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