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WRIGHTSVILLE, Ga. (AP)— A dollar store employee has been arrested for simple battery after whipping a customer’s child with a belt.

WMAZ-TV reports surveillance cameras inside a Wrightsville dollar store recorded an 8-year-old boy running around the store and eventually throwing a cookie jar at 39-year-old Emilia Graciela Bell.

Authorities say Bell took off her belt, chased the boy down and spanked him behind the counter.

The boy’s father called police and Bell was taken into custody. Police said she was free on bond Friday.

Bell is facing up to twenty years in prison.

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11 thoughts on “Dollar General Employee Arrested for Spanking Customer’s Child

  1. markwedner on said:

    The store clerk did wrong. She is not the child’s parent. However, I hope they put her on probation instead of sending her to jail. I can sure understand her frustration with that kid. The way some of these kids act today just makes you sick.

    The kid is lucky he didn’t have my father. If that had been my father, he would found a place to sit, taken my pants down, and whipped me right in the store. He would have made anything that sales clerk did look like a blessing. But that’s the problem today. They don’t make fathers anymore, like my father.

  2. No No No No, that clerk should have never but her hands on that child. All she had to do was call her supervisor, call the police , and had the parent arrested. Then sue him for damages. I bet if he had to come out of pocket that child wouldn’t be able to sit down for a year!

  3. SC Parent on said:

    Jennifer that kid threw an object and hit that clerk in the face! He deserved that spanking. Now, when he grows up destroys property, lies, steals, and maybe kills….Because he has NO discipline lets see what you think!

  4. SC Parent on said:

    That hit the clerk in the Face! That article didn’t mention that! All of you that are defending the pathetic parenting skills, and the horrible antics of the kid would’ve probably done the same thing!!!! I would’ve!!!

  5. that child needed an ass whippin, but not by the store clerk . by his father. were not talking about child abuse were talking about spanking a child.

  6. Jennifer Cottman on said:

    What I don’t like is that I posted a comment and some of the words are misspelled. I had just doubled checked and what’s more,,,, some of the comment isn’t here. What’s my point? if you are going to allow comments and ones within the guidlines than you should post them as such.

  7. Jennifer Cottman on said:

    I disgree, there isn’t a court in the US that would agree her actions were warranted. It is 2013 people what century are you living? Who in the hell is letting a complete stranger, store clerk no less and with a damn belt spank your eight year old child? The daddy did the right thing by calling the police, which had she been thinking she would have been the one on the other end of the phone calling the police not daddy. Now she is “F” Up! Anyone saying she should have, than they would have spanked him, than someone else in the family and so on and so forth well that is just child abuse not to mention evil. She actually could have caused him harm thashing him around, she could have really did some damage, could have struck him in the face hit his head, broke his arm any number of things could have occured. All I can say is that if that had a been a black woman and she spanked their child, honey, she would of still been licking her wounds, as it stands, she’s licking legal wounds. Wow, what was she even thinking? Hell, not even a store owner would have took such drastic action…So many parents today are kids themselves and well some of the other’s are impatient and injury or in some cases kill their own child(ren) all through neglect and anger, hell look at the daddy who stabbed his 2yr old son last month in Noblesvile Indiana and for what? What could a 2 yr old do that he deserved to be killed? Impatient parents is a lot of what is wrong with the children today, the parent’s don’t want to take time with the child(ren) show them the right way in the right manner, because children can be taught. It takes respect to get respect and as much as I love children, I’m telling you there is a better way. She’s messed up…She got it twisted

  8. The kid and/or the parents of the brat should have been arrested for him throwing store merchandise. The dad was a wimp for not chastising his son. Kids are the parents now. Too bad for society in general. No wonder when the ten commandments was put out of the schools, it was replaced by the police. Seem more like the belt should have been used to whip the dad.

  9. Beverly on said:

    She should have spanked the father as well. So, does anyone wonder why are youth are so disrespectful and out of control. When they say it takes a community to raise a child, what they mean is that the community needs to make accomodations to manage the foolishness of these children.

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