DETROIT (AP) — Detroit police say a 70-year-old high school basketball coach shot and killed a teenager during an attempted robbery outside the school.

Police spokeswoman Officer Cassandra Lewis says assistant girls’ basketball coach Ernest Robinson was accosted by two males Friday evening while walking two team members outside King High School.

Lewis says the males announced a robbery and struggled with Robinson, who pulled a handgun and fired. She says Robinson is a reserve police officer and licensed to carry a concealed pistol.

Detroit Schools’ spokesman Steve Wasko says 16-year-old Michael Scott was killed and an unnamed 15-year-old was wounded.

Prosecutors were reviewing the case Wednesday to determine whether to file charges.

Priscilla Scott has told reporters her son did not have a gun.

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4 thoughts on “Coach Shoots Teen During Robbery Near Mich. School

  1. The first thing I notice, the enabler (Mother) says my son didn’t have a gun, cause he would have had to have a gun to rob someone, so I guess the next will be the usual from enablers deniers, My son wouldn’t rob anyone, he was getting his life together although he dropped out of school he was going to get his GED and getting a job. Same old BS rather that taking responsibility for negligence of her and his sperm doner father in supervising and providing guidence to their child. One thing for sure, he will think twice before attacking another older person thinking he had an easy prey.

    • tennesseepeach on said:

      His time for thinking is over; he’s dead. He should have thought twice before deciding to rob this gentleman. Parents should stop making excuses for their children’s wrong actions. It’s unfortunate that this young man’s life is over before it could even began had he made other, more positive choices.

  2. chuchoriccio on said:

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