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Frank Ocean and Chris Brown’s fight has been headlines news for the last two weeks after the story broke that the two stars got into a parking lot brawl over a parking space.

This past weekend Ocean revealed that he would not be pressing charges against the troubled Brown but that has not stopped Michael Uzowuru, Ocean’s producer, from speaking out about the fight.

According to Uzowuru, after notifying the front desk about the parking lot, Brown and two large men came down downstairs to confront Ocean, Uzowuru says, “Then instantly Chris and the other dude [grabbed Frank] and try to jump him. There’s no doubt in my mind the whole thing was a set up.”

He goes on to explain how Ocean was then jumped by Brown’s crew, and claims that “Chris was trying to beat the living “s**t” out of [him].

Luckily, Ocean has declined to press charges and hopefully this drama can end between the two.

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2 thoughts on “Ocean’s Producer Says Chris Brown Tried to “Beat the Living S**t” Out of Frank Ocean

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