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For someone who doesn’t seem to take being criticized too well, singer Keyshia Cole doesn’t mind dishing it out.

The singer went in on Destiny’s Child’s Michelle Williams via Twitter.

Cole didn’t have a problem with Beyoncé’s solo set, but she wanted to let the world know that Williams should not have been on stage with Bey.

Here’s what Cole tweeted to her 200k plus followers:

“I think I was frightened to blink for a sec. Then Michell [sic] sung and woke my a** up from my daze! She always f**kN the groove up.”

Naturally, the Destiny’s Child fan base were turned off by the comments and Cole was hit with a vicious backlash via social media.

But Keyshia isn’t backing down. She came with:

“But hey! I love y’all too! And y’all girl is WACK and always will be! #Boss!!”

(Photo: EURWeb)

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21 thoughts on “Keyshia Cole Tweets Hate for Michelle Williams’ Super Bowl Performance

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  3. Can’t we all just get alone without spreading negativity. Whatever happened to the days when our mother use to say “If you don’t have something nice to say don’t say it”. How I miss those days. Today what sales is NEGATIVITY.

  4. JRoc85 on said:

    How many grammys have won Keyshia won???????? How many SuperBowls has Keyshia Cole performed at?????? Michelle Williams has won 3 grammys as a Destiny’s Child member!!!!!!!! Michelle Williams is a shareholder in the Chicago Sky, while Keyshia is married to a bench warmer (have we EVER seen Daniel Gibson on the court????). Michelle Williams has had 2 #1 Gospel selling albums (working with Mary Mary, Pastor Shirley Caesar, BeBe Winans, and Kirk Franklin), appeared in #1 Broadway plays (Aida, The Color Purple (hired by Oprah herself), Chicago, and now Fela!)!!!!!!!! Keyshia Cole is talented, and has had success (5 albums, 2 reality shows, numerous BET & Grammy nominations), but to throw shade @ Michelle is just wrong. Michelle is a sweetheart, and has a humble spirit, but her style is mostly gospel, and she’s never hidden that. Michelle Williams is a child of Destiny, while Keyshia is Frankie’s child…. There’s no comparison. Michelle know what it means to headline a world tour (yes as a member of DC), and Keyshia doesn’t (she’s usually JUST an opening act). If Keyshia Cole was all that she would be PERFORMING at the SuperBowl, not a home WATCHING IT.

  5. sherrie on said:

    I didn’t know singers hate on other singers…Keyshia should be ashamed of herself To be honest, I don’t think Keyshia can sing all that great and her stage performance is WACK. I really think that she wished it was her on that stage….maybe next time.

  6. well you guys know where keyshia comes from and that is how she acts, she is ghetto, and she is uneducated, so you can kind of expect this from someone from her kind of background, I’m a fan of keyshia’ cole, but this is what you get from a woman who really has never had anything in her life,
    and look at her life now still today, she is still not happy with her husband, or her family situation.
    so we have to look at where she comes, from it should not be a surprise how she acts, or behaves
    lets just pray for her to get better,,, she needs to thank GOd for her career, and be a little bit more humble. GOD BLESS YOU!

  7. realwoman on said:

    I think that Keyshia, Should have kept her comments to herself. She really opened a can of worms on this one. She really need to watch what she say about people, Because it’s not only going to tarnish her career down the line, But it’s going to make people look at her in a different way. I think that if she has any class what soever, She should give Michelle an Apology. I think that Michelle deserves that much! Keyshia, you really need to grow up sweetheart! You need to learn that you don’t throw stones at glass houses honey, And that if you’re willing to dish out the criticism, You should be able to except what’s coming afterwards.

  8. SCTravelRN on said:

    Very bad look, Keyshia. Where’s the love for your sister? Or maybe you think you’ve reached the pinnacle and won’t need anyone else to support you? Some things really are better left unsaid.

    • JRoc85 on said:

      Keyshia Cole sounds like S**T!!!!!!!!!!! Her rendition of “Eyes on the sparrow” at City of Refuge (the video is on YouTube) proves it!!!!!!! Michelle may not be as provocative or mainstream as Beyonce or Kelly, but she has a solid reputation in Gospel music!!!!!!!!!


    • JRoc85 on said:

      I agree with you 100%!!!!!!!!! If Keyshia applied that same energy into her family AND her career, then Frankie would not have been on Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew, and Neffe wouldn’t have dissed Keyshia in her book!!!!!!!! I use to feel sorry for Keyshia cause of all she’s been through, but NOW, Keyshia’s just another loser trying to remain relevant!

    • to sassy, your right, her comments really should have not been published period, Michelle williams
      is a very talented young lady, and keyshia cole if very Un-educated and very Ignorant, so this is where she comes from ,,, she came from Ignorance, but God said he wouldnt keep his people Ignorant, but Ms. Cole, should have left that alone,, See when you come from a background like Keyshia cole who has never had anything, this is what happens, you see she is still not happy with her husband or her family situation, she still is a very Emotionally damaged young woman, spiritually damaged, so this is what you get, when someone like this makes comments, that are Ignorant, and had no place for this website. When Are Black women going to learn, when you put down another black woman you basically putting yourself down. because all of us women of color suffer the same indignities. everyday of our lives… lets keep it real ladies.

  10. Michelle. A true class act who can sing Gospel, R&B, Pop, Rock and smooth jazz. Lets not forget she can sing A capella.
    Keyshia- hood rat howling at the moon. No class. Sit down and shut up. You will NEVER reach Michelle’s status.

  11. I wish some people would think before they put things out there on social media. I am a Keyshia fan and I’m kinda surprised by her comments. Her stage presence isn’t that great either, so she really should talk to be honest. Some would say she is horrible singing live. Its in poor taste to do this. Some things you just should keep to yourself!!

  12. As a performer, you shouldn’t put out bad words about others, you never know when your show won’t be up to par. Social media is too much and onece the words are out, you can’t draw them back.

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