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Chicago’s ex-alderman’s finances are under some intense scrutiny.

Federal investigators are probing into the financial records of Sandi Jackson, wife of former U.S. Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr.

Although her husband is also under federal investigation, this particular case against Sandi stands alone.

Insiders say federal agents are allegedly looking for signs that the ex-alderman misused her husband’s congressional campaign funds.

Nearly a month ago, Jackson reported that there was a $69,000 discrepancy in financial documents released between her office and her husband’s campaign. She attributed the error to clerical miscalculations.

Sources suspect that Jackson will soon be prosecuted for the suspicious use of finances.

Jackson resigned from her position as the city’s 7th ward alderman last month. The city is currently in the process of re-filling the alderman position while a special election will be held on April 9 to replace Jesse Jackson Jr.

(Photo: AP)