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Prince can rest easy. His Super Bowl performance won’t be topped this year. Beyoncé’s Super Bowl XLVII show was classic B – a run-through of some of her hits featuring her all-girl band and a backup crew of hundreds of female dancers. And as expected in the worst kept secret in Super Bowl history, Michelle Williams and Kelly Rowland of Destiny’s Child joined their former partner onstage.

But despite all the hype surrounding the performance, especially after the inauguration debacle, it wasn’t anything particularly spectacular or ground-breaking. When you think of Janet Jackson’s 2004 Super Bowl “wardrobe malfunction” controversy or last year with Madonna’s “I’m going to bring anybody who says yes to me to this stage” performance, Beyoncé’s was pretty tame. It’s admittedly hard to top “Purple Rain,” but we’d have thought that Beyoncé would have pulled out more of the stops she could have.

Her entrance was simple – dressed in black leather dress and skirt, she appeared in her classic Beyoncé stance – hands on her hips with one cocked to the side. She started with a few riffs from “Love on Top.” The overhyped fan countdown went by so fast it was important only to those who recognized themselves in the rapidly changing faces.  Beyoncé’s vest and leather skirt were tossed to some very lucky audience members, but no wardrobe malfunctions tonight; she had on a leather bodysuit with lacy edges underneath.

Although you could feel the audience at the Superdome and around the world waiting for Jay-Z to come out during “Crazy in Love,” he didn’t, which seemed, well, crazy. The biggest TV audience any performer can hope for and husband and wife don’t team up? That was a disappointment and we can’t figure out why Jay wouldn’t have been available as we figure Mama Tina or Auntie Solo could have watched Baby Blue.

A few verses of “End of Time” was next and then B goes into “Baby Boy” but once again, without the collaborator who helped make it a hit. No Sean Paul – not as tight a song. However, the cool effect that made it look like Beyoncé was multiplied was one of the show’s highlights as well as the tightly choreographed squadron of female dancers and Beyoncé’s all-girl “Suga Mama” band, all wearing black. Maybe a nod to Jay’s famous “all-black everything’ line. Or not.  (We did catch B throwing up a “Roc” sign, though.)

On to Destiny’s Child reunion featuring Kelly and Michelle popping out onto the stage in a pretty cool move. A few riffs of “Bootylicious,” a few verses of “Independent Women Pt 1. ” and then a few lines of “Single Ladies” and Kelly and Michelle waved bye-bye. We were thinking a little more of Destiny-fied hits like “Say My Name.” We liked Kelly and Michelle’s hair –those weaves were laid and bangs (on Kelly) are shaping up to be the hot 2013 hair trend. “Single Ladies” did end with the aforementioned group of hot female dancers pumping it out but as much as we like the song, it translated better in the original video.

B ended things up with “Halo” – a nice end to the solid showing by Queen B but for the Super Bowl we wished we could have seen a little bit more.

Yes, it’s a 12-minute performance, but there are other songs that might have worked better for the length of time and the stage. “Get Me Bodied” with its funky choreography might have worked in a shortened version. Or next time, if you’re going to do the songs you do with collaborators, we’d love them to be there. Of course, there are no do-overs at the Super Bowl, so Beyoncé will just have to be satisfied with a good, but not great, Super Bowl show.  She can always console herself with the fact that she did better than the 49’ers, who were also expected to do a lot more.  And thankfully she got it done before the lights literally went out in the Superdome. We know the Beyoncé haters will that somehow figure it was her fault. Chick can’t win.

(Photo: AP)

Beyonce & Destiny’s Child Light Up Super Bowl XLVII
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29 thoughts on “Super Girl

  1. I really enjoyed Beyonce’s performance and you could tell she worked hard and gave it her all. l love ‘Love on Top’ so I was pleased to hear a little of it acapella for the intro and I loved the new ‘End of Time’ choreography. Also the whole stage set up and the special effects were impressive. Her vocals were on point despite all of the choreography and she jammed in as much of her hits as possible. I thought she did great and I hate to see such criticism from a black website, especially since it is evident that the author (Tonya Pendleton) is not neutral. It was clear that Beyonce wanted to celebrate women that’s why she did have Jay or Sean Paul. Also, I’m a huge Prince fan and have been so for about 30 years (that’s right 30, and I know I’m dating myself) but to compare him and Beyonce is like comparing apples and oranges. In comparison to her contemporaries, Beyonce is clearly the cream of the crop when it comes to performing on stage. She puts on a show! She has great songs, cool choreography and a great voice, I think she deserves her success and to be congratulated for this moment in time that not many African American female or male entertainers are able to obtain. We should be supporting her, not hating on her! She is a legend in the making!

    • Meant to say that’s why she did NOT have Jay or Sean Paul (because she was clearly celebrating women, with the all female band, all female background dancers, and female gues apperances by her co-members of Destiny’s Child). She tweeted a congratulations to Alicia Keys, Jennifer Hudson, and the ladies of DC after the performance to acknowledge the special moment for African American women entertainers on one of America’s biggest television events.

    • Watching her is like watching a re- run, only more boring. Just because this is a black site is no reason to expect that the writers cannot express their honest opinion on a subject. And just because a performer is black is no reason to accept mediocrity and try to pass it off as excellence. I respect your opinion as I hope you can respect everyone else’s. And in my very humble opinion, this performace was just ok. After all, a thing can only be what it is.

  2. treyray on said:

    The same as always!!! She never give you more then you expect, just the same and it is becoming boring!!!! The best part was seeing how great Kelly looked!!! Michelle looked like she was out of place.

  3. lookaheah on said:

    Call it what you want, but it sucked. How are you going to bring your “friends” out and then not turn on the mics? And for the people saying it was “her” monet, thats fine. Enjoy your moment and don’t PRETEND like you want to share it with your girls. It was the most narcissitic display ever at a Super Bowl. And I don’t think you should bring back marching bands. Bring some talent with class–how about New Edition?!?!?!?

    • That’s just plain silly. She did not give them mics that were off. Kelly and Michelle don’t have as big of a voice as Beyonce. When Beyonce asked them to sing Single Ladies with her, Kelly responded “Sure Enough” at the same volume as Beyonce but when Kelly sang, she didn’t project her voice enough for the stadium as she often has problems doing. Michelle has always had a somewhat weak voice. The whole ‘their mics were down or off’ conspiracy theory is just plain ridiculous.

  4. Beyonce is overrated. She is at most an exhibitionist with a powered fan to blow her extensions around while she shows her goodies while being scantily clad. Did we miss the stripper pole in her performance?

  5. noneya on said:

    Ms. Pendleton I thought your article was ‘Spot On’… the performance was OK and NOT as spectacular as those adoring deranged fans of Beyonce like to characterize everything she does as… Hell I thought you were quite ‘fair’ and more than ‘generous’ as I would not have rated it that high… and I did have an expectation for it to be good….however, to sing 1/8th of a song, riff about 2/3rd’s of it, and booty-shake the rest does not a half-time show make (not impressed)…… YES, its only twelve minutes…. but has anybody heard of Time-Management?? since she is so ‘Spectacular’ according to the Stans then why didn’t she pull it off… do less transitions and sing the songs more in full!!…. (since she felt she had something to prove with the inauguration fiasco)….and for her ‘Own Husband’ not to make an appearance….let’s put money aside… to me it seems ‘all may not be right in paradise’….LMBO… for the ‘Stans’ from those of us with some measure of intelligence….”Just because we do not follow your opinion of someone and see them more objectively…does not make us Haters”…..I really wish we would retire that GHETTO word out of our vocabulary…then again how would you distinguish those of us who are intelligent from those of us who aren’t….ROFLMBO

    • Soooooo, now our intelligence is indicated by our use of the latest slang and hyperbole?! You’re not a hater because you don’t agree with our opinions……you’re a “insert whatever fresh word here you like” because you’re grading Beyonce’ on some sliding, erratic scale that’s impossible to hit. You complain because JayZ wasn’t involved! It doesn’t take a crystal ball to see you complaining if he had been involved. Wannabe’s like you will forever be unhappy no matter what (boy, I went way back for “wannabes”). And lastly, whatever is going on with Beyonce’ and her husband is “noneya business.” (I would LOL but that’s been retired) SMH

  6. Stephanie on said:

    @Wannette – ditto! That’s exactly how I felt. I just wanted to see her sing, dance her butt off like only she can, her band jam and was hoping to see Kelly and Michelle, and we did!. There is only so much that you can do in 12 minutes and I thought she did an excellent job. If she had done the songs that were suggested in this article, then someone would have criticized that as well. Everyone’s a critic. Beyonce did her thing, and I, personally, enjoyed it. NO WARDROBE MALFUNCTIONS!!!

  7. HATERATION! Ms. Pendleton, as a writer, you should at least try and be a little more unbiased and report with a fair mind. Beyonce’ was great. The show was fast flowing and energetic. Unlike a lot of your articles.

  8. Wannette on said:

    I really enjoyed the show. Bey as always did her thing. This was not Jay-Z nor Sean Paul’s moment and she shared it with whom she wanted to. Plus I enjoyed not having a marching bad or a choir singing and a we are the world moment. I wanted to be entertained. I was entertained.

  9. the lighting was elaborate with all the spot lights and all but Beyonce seems to be struggling, nice to see Kelly and Michelle looking good, Jennifer Hudson & A. Keyes was great! still does’nt suffice for the inauguration.

  10. the performance was great. i like jay, but this was bey’s moment. she has rarely ever performed baby boy live with sean paul. don’t know why it was expected at the superbowl or why bringing the men out would have made it better. jay and sean can earn their own spot on that big stage. until then, watch their vids on youtube. #blackgirlsrocked last night

  11. I agree performace was just OK it was nothing earth shattering about it.She did what she does sing a few versus of a song etc. So much hyoe went into it I think I was expecting something more. But I was so proud of all the Black females that sand Jennifer Hudson And Alcia Keys both killed it Loved it!!!!!!

  12. half time show was horrible, horrible, horrible. and the mikes went off on kelly and michelle? what was up with that? i give it a D. bring back marching bands. bring back marching bands!

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