“Bye Ashy!”


As we already knew, Kenya and Porsha just couldn’t be friends and both of them were okay with that, except when Phaedra got involved and tried to “brainwash” Porsha by telling her that Kenya was an alcoholic and on medication. In order to set the record straight with Porsha and prove to her that she wasn’t as crazy as Phaedra tried to make it seem Kenya wanted to talk with Porsha one last time over lunch. Porsha was absolutely confused because she and Kenya’s problems started from Porsha’s charity event and boiled over to their vacation in Anguilla and had nothing to do with Phaedra’s comments, although the comments didn’t help her case. She made it clear to Kenya that whatever Phaedra was telling her didn’t change her views on Kenya and that no matter what the circumstance, she still didn’t like her. After Kenya realized that Porsha wasn’t feeding into the “he say she say” drama, Kenya left the table, insulted Porsha by calling her a little girl, and walked out the restaurant. Porsha, who would not let Kenya get the best of her, chased after Kenya and called her the worst insult that one black woman could say to another black woman: ashy. Well I think it’s safe to give this round to Porsha because it looked like she had the last word!

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