We’ve heard Frank Ocean’s side, now it’s time to hear Chris Brown‘s. Yesterday’s news about a fight between “Sweet Love” crooner Chris Brown and “Thinking Of You” singer Frank Ocean left people scratching their heads as to why the altercation ever happened in the first place. According to reports, the brawl was over a parking spot! Now if you were born last night, that may sit right with you, but if you’re like me, and have at least 20-something-years under your belt, your mind speculated several different scenarios…

Some alleged sources on the scene said Ocean started, while others claims Chris threw the first punch! Brown didn’t stick around to speak with the police after the brawl but his lawyer–Mark Geragos says he is ready to talk and even has a video of the second half of the fight that will allegedly clear their names, reports TMZ.

This video popped up on Youtube, could it be the evidence to which Chris’ lawyer is referring?

By the looks of the clip, Frank nor Chris were involved. But that doesn’t explain Frank’s tweet:https://twitter.com/frank_ocean/status/295782033865711616

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