Mikel Ruffinelli is proud to show off her larger than average curves.

The 39-year-old plus-size model is recognized by the World Record Academy for having the largest hips in the world.

Ruffinelli is 5’4 and weighs 420 pounds with hips measuring at an eight-foot circumference. Her waist, however measures only 40 inches.

“I love my shape and I see no reason to diet because I don’t have health problems,” Ruffinelli said.

She said that her family has a history of women with larger size hips. Reffinelli says hers became larger with the birth of each of her four children.

“I like to tell people all the time, ‘I have a license to work with heavy equipment,” her husband Reggie Brooks said.

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33 thoughts on “Woman with the World’s Largest Hips Embraces Her Figure

  1. She has such a nice family. God bless her. She needs to be there for her family. I’m sure she’s looking forward to grow old with them.

  2. How in the world can this women clean that ass after taking a shit ? and the last time she seen that fur box are wash it arms to short.

  3. It’s very sad that people who really love her have not addressed to her that she’s putting her health at risk. She’s carrying too much weight for her her frame. And no, it’s not attractive.

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  5. Well to me*, I don’t give a damn. I wouldn’t mind hitting hEr from behind and any other way available. Her ass is an assest nd I wouldn’t mind plugging my D**k in Between Her Fat Giant Holee

  6. This is absolutely disgusting. I do not use the term “fat” ever in my daily vocabulary but I find this ridiculous. There is no way she can claim to be healthy. There is a huge difference in curvy and being obese and in denial.

  7. Some of you people disgust me with your comments, if it was you who were big or overweight you wouldn’t want someone saying mean things to you. To the person who said something stupid about her being on food stamps, apparently you didn’t read that she is a model. To the one who said something about Obama care, that’s a concern for a lot of people not just those who are overweight, damn it could be a problem for me and my only health problem is Asthma. Some of you are so rude and mean, no wonder our country is going to hell. Maybe you should stop and think before you speak because it makes you look stupid.

  8. SCTravelRN on said:

    What a beautiful and strong black woman. Clearly she has embraced who she is and her family loves her… hips and all. Not everyone is so fortunate.

  9. Jazzdancer on said:

    Talk about junk in the trunk and all day doggie! The question is not that the brother hits it mainly from the back, but which split.!!

  10. I watched the video without my ‘critic’ eyes and without my ‘exploratory’ mind. And, guess what? I fell in love with this woman’s spirit. I actually feel a sense of joy for her. There is something about that feeling, Joy, it releases you…it helps with Freedom Attainment. She projects Freedom. Yes, I know she is expected to present a bubbly attitude considering she is being interviewed. Also, she apparently has what many of us don’t: LOVE from a mate.

  11. Free Black person on said:

    Really!!!! You are an example of one of the problems in the black race. If this woman is happy, so be it! She’s free from venamous people like yourself. Willie lynch did a good job of helping us put each other down…. come on people.. WAKE UP!

  12. All that weight on her body is unhealthy. It’s okay to embrace and love your body but she needs a reality check. She’s setting herself up for a lot of health issues.

    • First of all, everything I have read about this woman, she is healthy. Her waist no bigger than any other plus size model, so she has big hips, big deal.

    • embracingbeauty on said:

      we as black people love to judge one another! Only God can judge her and the ones that had a negative comment, you dont have to feed her or look at her! People need to get a life!

  13. “embraces her figure”? are you kidding me?!! she doesn’t have a choice! that’s just an easy way of saying “I’m a fat slob and i don’t want to do anything about it”.

  14. How does she wash all that? She also poses on a big woman’s website nude SMH. What does she think about her children knowing that she already looks like a beach whale and takes her clothes off and shows all that nasty stuff? She is just a freak show. She doesn’t have health problems because she doesn’t have health checkups. She can’t even walk!

  15. So concerned! on said:

    Ms. Ruffinelli,
    The point is to get to a normal weight BEFORE you have health problems. Waiting to get fit until you’re already sick is a very, unnecessarily hard road to travel. So many diseases are PREVENTABLE, but being obese will astronomically increase chances of acquiring: type 2 diabetes (which leads to blindness, amputations, kidney failure), hypertension, heart disease, stroke, and joint pain and degeneration.
    It’s not all about appearance. Obesity is an epidemic, especially in the Black community, and we need to stop being in denial about this. Telling ourselves we’re just “Big-boned” or “thick” isn’t going to cut it. We need to stop eating so much junk and start exercising (moderately-rigourously).

  16. just my 2 pennies on said:

    Lets get real people. It’s okay to have curves, or be thick. Did you see the video? If you need to turn sideways to walk through your house, you need a wider house or to loose weight.

    She needs to consult a doctor who will tell her the truth. Her BMI is off the charts and it is affectring her heart.

  17. I think She is beautiful and in time she will reduce her hips when she get ready, I am proud of her husband for loving her and watching over her , she is a beautiful woman

  18. George S. King on said:

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  19. As a woman with ample hips, it can be a challenge. I’m much smaller, but my concern is the extra weight on her extremities, as she gets older, it will be so hard for her to get around.

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