Jamie Foxx is allegedly snubbing his biological father who is dying. The “Django Unchained” star biological father would like to reconnect, but apparently Jamie isn’t interested in meeting with the man who abandoned him when he was growing up. If you believe the National Enquirer, Jamie’s 74-year-old father is said to be devastated because the Oscar-winning actor has re­peatedly rebuffed efforts to patch up the feud.

“We’ve called Jamie several times over the years and left hundreds of messages,” the actor’s stepmother Hellema Abdullah told The ENQUIRER.

“But he has never returned our calls. Now his father is sick with severe scar tissue on his lungs and has to be on oxygen every day. I just wish Jamie would call.”

Jamie was raised by his mother’s grandmother while his parents went about with their lives.

“Jamie had kept in periodic contact with his father because his grandmother who raised him had encouraged it,” revealed an insider. “But he hasn’t spoken to him since his grandmother died in 2004. Jamie doesn’t plan on calling Shaheed anytime soon. He’s getting revenge by abandon­ing his father, much like his dad did to him years ago.”

Hopefully Jamie will not regret his decision.

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26 thoughts on “Is Jamie Foxx Refusing To Visit His Dying Father?

  1. Daniel Asamota on said:

    Don’t know what happened and won’t judge Jamie. It’s a decision he’ll have to make. I mean, the blind country singer Ronnie Millsap refuses to have anything to do with his mother who dropped him off at his daddy’s mother’s house and kept on rolling saying she had no use for a blind child. When he became rich and famous she came out of nowhere demanding he support her financially! No one’s making a big deal out of that! Jamie’s father has spent his life taking care of himself and now all of a sudden he wants to ‘reconnect’ with his rich and famous son! Draw your own conclusions!

  2. I would like more information about his father “abandoning” him. Given the history of the ‘gubments’ deliberate efforts to tear apart Black families, I doubt that his father abandoned him on purpose. And, I certainly hope Jamie Foxx is smart enough not to buy into the baloney often said about Black men.

  3. Jamie Foxx won the NAACP award,, his speech was wonderful, thank you quentin for having the
    courage for even doing this movie,, Courage is really something,, thank GOd Jamie took this part,
    I really like the movie,, jamie fox is the real deal,,

  4. let me change the subject and say charlie wilson new song is the bomb MY love is all I have
    this man, is truly the real deal, his voice never changes,, he just still has it! even at this age,
    the man is still jamming,, Uncle charlie you are the bomb! yall need to check it out,,

  5. I wonder when has the National Enquirer become a reputable source for information? I think checking the facts first before reporting would be a better idea.

  6. If this is true, I can completely understand how Jamie Fox feels…if I was in his shoes ‘which I am”, I would do the same exact thing…you can agree with me or disagree with me it doesn’t matter. But until you’re in that same situation you can relate to him…and I can sure as heck relate to him, because I too am in a similiar situation…and at the end of the day you’re going to do what is in the best interest of yourself and you’re own well being. And as a single mom of two, I know without a shadow of a doubt that I’m setting a good example for my two children…because as they say “who lives it knows it the best”!!

    Cee Cee J.

  7. NeciBaby on said:

    I could neva amaging how it feels to b dumped off by my parents but the Bible say to forgive so i hope he go c him n forgive him b4 he die. Forgiveness is for u n he may actually feel way better than he think he will.

  8. All this what goes around comes around bs. Look on FB and you’ll see half the women on there who shouldn’t have custody of their kids. But I blame the courts. That’s why they are on FB tattooed from head to toe dancing on poles, taking half naked pictures with the kid in it, and pictures in bathroom mirrors. But Jamie Foxx family situation is his business so worry about your on kids…baby mamas!

  9. If jamie doesn’t want to contact his stepparents,( father) that’s his business and his reason! They probably always only call on Jamie when they want something!!

  10. Worrel on said:

    Lets hope that this is used as a learning tool for all the fathers (donors) who walk away from their children when they need them the most. You get out of your children what you put into them.

  11. I think it’s funny that you can walk away from your child, but when the child doesn’t want to be bother with you later in life you get upset. What – he is successful now you want to know him!!!!!!!

  12. WAIT! Didn’t Jamie Foxx and his daughter just tell Oprah that his parents now lived with him? That they all lived together? So, how could this be true? Remember, this came out of National Enquirer! Consider the source. BAW are you citing reputable sources? And if you are getting your info from these sources, why should you be OUR source of news and info? I guess my name is A Little Bit Confused today!

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