Rozonda “Chilli” Thomas recently sat down with Wendy Williams to chat about dating Usher again, her cooking skills, and she confirmed that there’s a movie’s development deal in the works for the bio film about the mega girl group TLC.

“Casting is going on right now. It’s so weird casting yourself,” Chilli shared. “We did not want famous girls playing us, we wanted fresh faces.”

Check out the video above.

3 thoughts on “Is Chilli Dating Usher Again?

  1. dee whit on said:

    Wow Daniel, you sound very bitter. Do you think TLC will be hurt by you not supporting them. Hell no, get a life and stop trying to judge others. You sound stupid!!!!

  2. Daniel Asamota on said:

    I hope Usher is moving on. I’m not too enamored of her and the other girl since having that series on VH1 pretending like they were looking for a replacement for Lisa Lopez then pulling that BS at the end of it because her and T-boz decided they didn’t want to split the money three ways again. This sort of greed is what broke up the Salt&Peppa trio when they didn’t want to share the wealth with DJ Spinderella. Wasting all those hopeful young girls time in their sham contest to replace their fallen member! That’s why they haven’t charted anymore hits! Now they’re going to exploit their dead friend once again because the selling point of this ‘bio-movie’ is not their sorry asses but the time leading up to the death of Lisa Lopez. I hope they made plenty of money because they’re not getting anymore from me!

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