The situation between Ahmad Rashad and his very rich socialite wife of eight years is getting real interesting.

It seems that Rashad, 63, is no longer allowed in the fancy Jupiter (Florida) community of The Bears Club after wife Sale Johnson asked security guards not to let him in unless she approves it, a Club insider tells Jose Lambiet’s Gossip Extra.

Sale Johnson, the ex-wife of Johnson & Johnson heir Woody Johnson, owns a $5 million-home at the Club developed by golf legend Jack Nicklaus around a world-class golf course.

According to records, the five-bedroom house is considered to be Rashad and Johnson’s marital home, even if the deed is solely under her name.

Ex-fashion model Johnson’s move came on the day last week when Gossip Extra revealed exclusively that the two were negotiating a settlement despite the fact that the divorce has yet to be filed.

“Sale cut Ahmad off from all the clubs they’re members of, and had the fob that gets him through the guard gate at the Bears Club deactivated,” the source said. “Actually, he got through and went to the clubhouse. But the guards asked him to leave and escorted him out.

“Ahmad and Sale are not on speaking terms right now. Things are being done through lawyers. They barely had a marriage anyway. He’s always gone with the basketball thing.”

A second source, meanwhile, is telling me that Sale is armed with an iron-clad pre-nup that won’t pay Rashad anything once the divorce is final.

His fortune is estimated at about $8 million.

Last week, the New York Post reported that the bad blood between Rashad and Johnson started when Johnson allegedly tried to ban Rashad from seeing buds Michael Jordan, the NBA legend who’s building a home near Johnson’s pad at the Club, and golfer Tiger Woods, who lives in nearby Jupiter Island.

Hmm, sounds like a cautionary tale for brothers who marry older rich women. And maybe, just maybe …  Sale needs a YOUNGER, not as connected brother. Someone who’ll stay home a lot more and give her the attention she needs. If so, something tells us he’ll be richly rewarded. No, he might not be completely happy, but he’ll be rich.

Meanwhile, Gossip Extra says neither Johnson nor Rashad returned calls for comment.

10 thoughts on “Ahmad Rashad’s Wealthy Wife Kicks Him Out

  1. Joe Valdez on said:

    I was always told that White women like Black men large penises ,and that once Whites Go Black They Won’t Go Back ??? What a lie , you see White women leaving Black men for White & Latino Men all the time, look at Hale Berry she won’t have anything to do with Black men period (she is a Halfbreed Mullatres) . Black men hate Black women , why do I see 75% of todays young Black men dating White women ? Are White women better at sex? or do they give Black money???

  2. The prenup won’t hold up if he gets a good lawyer who is truly willing to represent him. Prenuptial agreements can’t be used to negate the law or disregard the law. She will have to pay just as her husband Woody Johnson had to pay. At her age of 60 +, she might as well stay married. This ugly witch just probably wanted to hurt Phylicia Allen Rashad. Well hon you got the man old, rickety & dusty as he may be. Doesn’t she know? Its cheaper to keep him. She better pay money they way Hollywood actresses have to pay.

  3. Daniel Asamota on said:

    He just can’t seem to stay married. But this was a weird situation anyway. He’s better off out of this situation. I don’t care he married a white woman for a woman is a woman, but one who knows that she’s dealing with a man and not a boitoi. She should be staying home and waiting on him, not him catering to her every flighty fancy. Yeah bro, find you another bitch!

    • To the person that said angry black women is out fashion you have to be one to relate if black men keep this up there will not be any natural blacks in this world. So Sad


  5. There is always a trust issue when you were the other woman and then you become the wife. She was probably the one who helped break up his marrage to Phylicia. She knows all his dirt little tricks.

  6. There has to be more to this, Maybe he cheated on her or something. It can’t be JUST that he is always working. More to this story. If the prenup is iron clad, then he will be left with egg on his face. I think he was the reason behind Phylicia breaking up also. She moved on and seems to be doing fine ever since that break up. One of the rules in the marrying a rich white woman play book is you HAVE to spend time with her and make SURE she is your focus and gets ALL of your attention.

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