Oxygen’s “All My Babies’ Mamas” which was set to follow the life of rapper Shawty Lo, his ten babies’ mamas, and his eleven kids was cancelled this week before it even had a chance to hit your TV screen.

The show was cancelled after Sabrina Lamb and others formed a petition on Change.org to have the show pulled. Many people are happy about the move but there are some supporters of the show, including the controversial talking-head Rush Limbaugh.

Limbaugh defends the show saying, β€œThe show was simply gonna’ show what it is in terms of this lifestyle.”

He goes on to say, β€œIs it any wonder that the star of a show that happens to be Black and has the show pulled out from under him? Well I know none of these kids are more important than the president’s kids, but they’re important to Shawty.”

We aren’t sure of Limbaugh’s point but we’re thinking if the show did air, Limbaugh would have torn it apart every chance he got.

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5 thoughts on “Rush Limbaugh Defends ‘All My Babies’ Mamas’

  1. Telling Truth on said:

    Limbaugh defending a show of a man with many children by different woman….The show should have been canceled. Limbaugh is a hypocrite and bent on advocating anything that appears to reflect a culture that is negative and demeaning to the Black Family. He is so typical of a racist. as for Shawty Lo, he needs to get off the television and try to raise his children like a man.

  2. Braveman on said:

    What de problem iz ???

    I’d like to see this show too, and I guarantee you that I “Would” be talking much *hit about it and all of the ones on the show, and I say that as a Black Man.

    If you don’t want to be made fun of, then don’t act like an animal or a fool !!!

  3. Tell that drug addict to go sit his pig looking self down and if he like trash keep watching honey boo-boo and don’t hate because when we work together to get done it work. He just mad it did not make it on tv so he can have something negitive to say about it we bet that pig to it.

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