tatyana ali drakeA recent interview on the HuffingtonPost made star of the new BET series “Second Generation Wayans,Tatyana Ali, out to be a Drake stan. That or you thought the petite actress and Young Money rapper had something going on! Like most women who swoon over Drizzy, Tatyana finds his voice “sexy.” She visited the #BeautifulOffice yesterday and responded to the dating rumors, saying:

Me and my friends fight over him. [Laughs] It’s his voice. When I feel really sad and lonely I put on Drake. I wrote on HuffingtonPost that I would stalk him not that we we’re dating, that’s totally different.

Tatyana is currently enjoying life as a single girl but we feel like the two can be a match made in heaven. They have several things in common, including their passion for acting and the bond childhood actors share. Hey Drake, if you’re reading, Tatyana’s a great chick, maybe you should hit her up!

Stay tuned for the full interview with Tatyana, coming soon!

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11 thoughts on “Tatyana Ali Addresses Drake Dating Rumors

  1. Ruthie on said:

    Many hip-hop/rapper males only date for show/career when they are really homosexual. They need to be like Ocean and keep it real.

  2. for real the only reason is so he can drop a line on how hes fucking her in a song
    “iim fucking the banks “ashley” no i cant merry kate uhhh ” or someother stupid ass drake line

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