The photo above is a picture of Taraji’s hair post “straightening” but what really had her fans going was how it looked pre- straightening iron.

She tweeted:


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Check out the photo below:


Dante Blandshaw is a celebrity hairstylist who works with the likes of Taraji and Angela Simmons.

What do you think? Should she show off her non-straightened hair more often?

33 thoughts on “Taraji P. Henson Shows Off Her Natural Hair (Photo Inside)

  1. CocoRenee on said:

    Stop being ignorant. That is her real hair. My nappy/natural/kinky/tightly coiled hair looks the exact same way when I get it pressed. I’ve had black people ask me what I’m mixed with and I tell them the truth…black and black. If you stop using chemicals (perms/relaxers, color, etc.) you too can retain your hair and grow it healthy and strong. I’ve been natural for about 7 years now and before when I had relaxers my hair would not grow past my neck.

    • CocoRenee on said:

      Yes, she did have a short bob in the recent past. I wore a short bob all last summer. It was a sew in. I’m just saying. Perhaps the short style was a weave and this is her hair.

  2. Do you Taraji! As black women we should look and feel proud no matter what hair style we choose. I too use to have long hair and spent a lot of time defending it. For the nay-sayers, if you’ll notice, that picture of her is when she was younger. The more recent pic does depict her hair is a little thinner.

  3. That is EXACTLY how natural thick hair looks when it is BLOWN OUT…Not all black women you see with long hair are wearing weaves and not all non blacks you see with long hair are NATURAL they were just as many weaves wigs clip ins and extensions than we do …it is a woman thing so please stop your hating…I am natural and when I blow out my hair with a the blow dryer and a comb attachment it looks just like that but my hair is not as long and it is a little bit more coarse…Black people are our own worst enemies always non supportive over any little thing….like hair

    • Moka Blu on said:

      Of course it’s a weave! I’ve had the same texture of weave sewn in my hair. It would especially look that way after a good washing. No one’s hating. The truth is the truth. Why would she even bother to tweet her stylist saying this is a whole lot of hair and that she needs to now straighten it? What was the purpose of that comment if you didn’t want for the public to read it and actually “believe” it’s your hair? Be proud of your hair no matter what length or texture it is. That’s all I’m saying. I mean, the truth is that her hair did not grow to that length this soon for it was not too long ago that she was rocking an assymetrical beautiful bob haircut, remember? Check her award show appearances if you don’t believe me.

  4. Andrea on said:

    I don’t know why people seem to always put natural hair and difficult in the same sentence. My natural hair is not hard to deal with. I keep it clean, conditioned and moisturized. Trim when I need to. And my hair is beautiful and half down my back. Difficult was sitting there while relaxer ate up my scalp. Most naturals I know do wash and gos.

  5. My momma would be laughing herself to stitches about all this natural hair drama. The real drama was back in the day when the Saturday night ritual was straightening 5, yes 5 natural heads of hair using hot combs heated on the kitchen stove for Sunday morning church. Hats off to anyone who wants to go natural, cause that is a lot of work. Been there, done that.

  6. I always thought Gladys Knight had a head full of beautiful long hair when she was younger and I understand that it’s still long, although she rocks the short wigs, hell, I just love black women with long hair and most chop it off cause it makes them look sexier, to them.

  7. Taraji..your hair is beautiful either way.. have fun with it natural, then straighten when you want a change. That is the beauty of our hair texture. Take it from a 65 year sister. thins out as we age and you may not have the opportunity to wear your hair like it is now. (I used to have a beautiful Afro back in the day)! Enjoy

  8. Her hair is beautiful! She should rock the natural more often but with the roles she continually gets, those exces ain’t trying to hear no natural hair. I’m sure that’s her real here. Weaves and wigs don’t look that pure.

  9. Cassandra Renee on said:

    SO WHAT….sisters know what it is…when we wash it and oil the natural it rocks…but sometimes its alot of trouble…do what you want T…you are a beautiful black women that ROCKS a natural, perms, weaved up…ponytail…etc

  10. briggsy on said:

    LOL y’all some funny folks. i know plenty of black women with hair that long or longer. some permed and some natural. it’s not some fluke.

  11. Lady Tee on said:

    The people that are yelling “who cares” and “thats not her hair”…….are bald-headed heffas that HAVE to wear weaves and perms!

  12. GVS, I’m with you. I could care less if its her hair or not!!!

    Taraji, will you marry me??? I won’t even ask you to sign a prenup!!!! I love you that miuch!!! LOL 🙂

  13. Angela on said:

    @ Aseelah – You are so right!!!! We are either dismissive and say “Who Cares”, or say “It’s not hers”, or something else negative. I support my sistas of color to do what makes you FEEL better. Perm, Hot Comb, Buy it, or what ever do what makes you feel better regardless of what the media says or others. Do We Not All want some Positive Support?!?!?!?

  14. Aseelah on said:

    Why do we ALWAYS have to say something NEGATIVE!!!!?!!!! We should give honor to the woman for ROCKIN’ HER OWN HAIR!!!! So few of our celebrity women can claim that as a part of their “glam”!!!!! Taraji, you GO GIRL! Thanks for letting them see some true NATURAL beauty!!!!

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