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2 Live Crew alum Luther Campbell has jumped into the debate over Quentin Tarantino’s “Django Unchained.”

In an op-ed for the Miami New Times, the former rapper weighs in on Spike Lee, who has publicly taken issue with Tarantino’s repeated use of the n-word in “Django’s” script.

“Screw Spike Lee,” Campbell begins. “Quentin Tarantino’s ‘Django Unchained’ is a brilliant flick that more accurately depicts the African American experience than any of the 15 movies about black culture Lee’s directed in his lifetime.”

He continues: “Lee needs to get over himself. He’s upset because Tarantino makes better movies. The man who put Malcolm X on the big screen is Hollywood’s resident house negro; a bougie activist who wants to tell his fellow white auteurs how they can and can’t depict African Americans.”

Campbell ends his missive with this bullet: “Spike is upset because Samuel L. Jackson’s character in the movie is just like him: a conniving and scheming Uncle Tom.”

In December, Lee called the movie “disrespectful to my ancestors” and tweeted that he was “honoring” the memory of those who came before him by boycotting the film.

Since then, a number of celebrities have knocked Lee’s opinion. Comedian Donnell Rawlings called the famed director irrelevant and activist Dick Gregory went so far as to describe Lee as a “thug” and a punk.”

Meanwhile, Tarantino picked up a Golden Globe award for Best Screenplay at Sunday’s ceremony, where he went on to say the N-word himself backstage.

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18 thoughts on “Luke Calls Spike Lee ‘Uncle Tom, House Negro’ for ‘Django’ Bashing

  1. People get a grip it’s only a movie we see these types of movies all the time one is no worst than the other. Please people let ‘s overcome. Stop this madness this is what they want to see us do let’s not give them the satisfaction.

  2. I hear a lot of people find issue with Tarantino making money off of the black community; my question is who hasn’t made money off the black community? Black folk have been recorded being enslaved since the 1400’s. Black give their money to everyone else becuase of the crabs in a barrel mentality then get mad when another race seems to be getting ahead…its almost impossible to buy black and when someone black tries to market a product black folk want to haggle down the price…

    • Scheherazade on said:

      you are so correct. the world needs to move on….and that is what I am seeing with the collaboration of our entertainers to deliver the message via media

  3. Asantewaa on said:

    Daniel you have hit the proverbial nail on the head… there is an African proverb that states, “until the lion writes history, the hunter will always be victorious.” Spielberg and Tarantino can tell our story better than we can…no… its more palatable when they tell it then when we do..and if you notice there is always comical relief in their telling of our story..I watched Schindler’s List-and there were no laughable scenes in that movie-no comic relief..why then does both Amistad and Django Unchained have any comedy–what is there to laugh at amidst our sufferings; why not show the real deal without the comedy better yet, why not tell the real story of Blacks who fought against the system..1811 New Orleans rioters, Nat Turner, David Walker.. Toussaint L’Ouverture; Better yet, why not support Lee in getting our stories on to the big scree..and stop bashing the brother -and others for having an opinion….

    • Piquarius on said:

      Better yet, why don’t Spike Lee continue to focus on writing and creating movies that do depict our honorable ancestors respectfully and let the filmgoers be the judge. Bro. Lee not only gives his opinion, he bashes as well and allows others to jump in to perpetuate giving their opinions and bashing. He’s becoming no better than these sideline sitting blacks constantly complaining, not providing solutions! Remember, there is an African proverb that states, “until the lion writes history, the hunter will always be victorious.”

  4. Considering that Samuel L. Jackson was in Spike Lee’s Jungle Fever movie as Gator, the brother of Wesley Snipe’s character, it’s Luther Campbell a.k.a. Uncle Luke who needs to get over himself. I’ll take Spike’s 15 movies over an album that had the track “Me So Horny” any day of the week. What’s going to happen is that Django Unchained will get Oscar nominations. Whether it will get 11 nominations like The Color Purple did, who knows? The Color Purple didn’t win any Oscars, but Whoopi Goldberg, Margaret Avery and Oprah Winfrey did get nominated for best actress in supporting roles. The same fate could befall Django. Who is to say that Quentin Tarantino has any more influence in Hollywood than Steven Spielberg ? I guess we will all find out if the year 2013 has more chutzpah in tinsel-town than the year 1986 did.

    • I am happy for the debate this film has caused. I disagree with Spike Lee’s take on the film, especially since he hasn’t seen it. I also disagree with Tavis Smiley’s take; Smiley refuses to see it also.

      I don’t think Spike is being an Uncle Tom as Luther Campbell suggests. However I do appreciate Luther weighing in on the debate. I also appreciate Luther’s work with 2 Live Crew and his contribution to rap history.

      The Oscar nominations were announced a couple days ago. Django Unchained did OK. although it didn’t do as well as The Color Purple.

  5. Daniel on said:

    Whats wrong with these african american black people, it seems that all a white person has to do is toss them a few bones for them to start publicly humiliating eachother, trying desparately to get in the white man,s book. There is nothing wrong if tarantino movie is good or better, kudos to him and all is fair in love and war. But coming out and knocking down a brother like that especially in such racists times where you know the racists are going to hound him down, mock him even further is not right. Black americans dont know anything about being subtle and protecting eachother, even when you do not agree on a subject. Sometimes I find myself wondering that maybe whites and asians are very much superior than black americans. Something is very wrong with black americans, the way they delight in public humiliation of oneanother. Black american male and female have millions of videos on youtube telling whites how much black men aint good, and the men telling whites and have videos agreeing with racists whites telling them how black women aint good, then the black americans create all these sub video response trying to get african and caribbean blacks to do the same with eathother. All I can say is misery sure do love company. I really do LOVE BLACK AMERICANS, believe but it pisses me off to see them dancing like monkeys to every beat of a white man,s drum. Even if spike lee was wrong you could call him up or take him one side and explain it to him, but it seems public shame and desrespect is better than acting civilised to eachother.

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