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Former doctor Conrad Murray is not going home from lock down.

Unfortunately his legal team failed at convincing the judge that he’s worthy of getting let out the cage after being convicted of manslaughter in the death of Michael Jackson.

According to TMZ, the California Attorney General doesn’t believe Murray when he says he’s not a flight risk and says he’s going to have to stay where he is. The shamed former medical professional tells the court that if he’s let out, he’ll live with his girlfriend and mother of his child, Nicole Alvarez in Santa Monica.

But his argument wasn’t enough because he’s got seven children by five different women. Prosecutors argue that he shows no sign of stability.

He also claims that he can’t go anywhere because by now the world knows his face and it would be difficult for him to hide. Wrong answer. Prosecution argued that he’s not a real celebrity except for being famous for killing a “real” celeb.

(Photo: AP)

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