You either love her or hate her, either way it seems like Kenya Moore won’t be going anywhere as she is constantly thrusting herself into the spotlight.

“The Real Housewives of Atlanta” star performed her new single “Gone with the Fabulous” on “Watch What Happens Live” last night on Bravo.

Joined by two male singers, Moore had everyone “twirling” in their seats as she sang the simple lyrics of the up-tempo dance song.

In the song she defends herself from some of the claims people make about her, in one line she sings:

“You say I’m crazy.

  I say I’m fabulous

I’m gone with the wind fabulous

Now twirl, twirl, twirl, twirl.”

Other things Moore denies being in the song are broke, old, and ugly to name a few. Watch the performance below.

What do you think about the song? Do you love it or hate it?

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11 thoughts on “Hate it or Love it: Kenya Moore Performs New Single (VIDEO)

  1. She’s crazy fun..yeah.sometimes she seems to be off her dam marbles most of the time but she has a good body for her to be 46..

  2. REALLY!!!!!!!!!!!!! Can they take her crown back? Not hating on her but she is suppose to be a role modle for little girls.LOL. She is talking about making a stallon booty viedo, She is padded on the Atl Housewives show on this viedo she is a poodle booty.

  3. Deborah Nesbitt on said:

    I think she really needs to sit it DOWN she is HOT MESS how did she become Ms America or USA or whatever, she is disgusting seriously a real bad image for our young girls that one day have hopes of being a contestant for such a prestigious position/obligation. That Kenya displays bipolar behavior. I hope that she does not return to the Atlanta Housewives for real. We know that she has some type of issues anytime your own mother doesn’t want you in their life come on she is a for real MESS!

  4. Don't Be Hating on said:

    I’m so glad they updated this site to where you can comment without having to make an account! Anywho, Kenya is doing her thing no matter how crazy or desperate she may appear to be and at the end of the day at least she is getting paid and HAS a title unlike so many of the people hating on her! I hope Kenya gets that fine husband and beautiful kids she always wanted…she looks really good for her age and believe me, she doesn’t have a problem getting a man. ANY man would love to get with that if she let them. Shoot, she had a female call up on What What Happens Live talking about how she wanted to get with Kenya and if Kenya is into females…LOL…do you boo!

  5. I think she’s fabulous. She is doing her thing no matter what anyone says. She believe’s in herself.
    Ya’ll keep hating while you keep watching and SHE’S going to the bank. Don’t forget to get one of her t-shirts.

  6. OK, Wasn’t she more talking than singing? Is it me or can she not really shake it or dance? Like little rhythm. Not sure why the white folks on this show was soooooo excited about this “performance”. I honestly think Kenya is fine, but this right here was a mess!!! Does she NOT have a booty??

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