The owner of a top Beverly Hills restaurant is defending her staff’s decision not to seat Diana Ross when she arrived for lunch last week.

The Motown legend showed up for lunch at La Scala on Thursday (Jan. 3), and asked to be seated by the hostess while she waited for one of her daughters to arrive.

But, the hostess refused because the venue has a strict policy of not seating incomplete parties unless they have a reservation.

Ross reportedly grew irate, ignored the hostess and seated herself – only to be told by the manager that she would not be served if she remained. The singer then stormed out.

Now owner Gigi Leon has spoken out to explain the incident, telling the New York Post, “I’m sorry that Miss Ross had a problem with that and she feels that the rules didn’t apply to her.

“Our policy is that we don’t sit incomplete parties. If people jump the line, our policy is we don’t serve them, and she was told that. We treat everyone the same whether you’re famous or not. We love having her as a customer. We’d be happy to have her back.”

(Photo: AP)

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22 thoughts on “Restaurant Owner Defends Decision to Snub Diana Ross

  1. Hey People Ms.Ross,Will Forever,BeThe Boss!!!! Get it Right……Who is the Boss?? Why Ms.Ross…Ms.Ross,just keep it Moving,you and your Lovely Daughter,(Tracy)?? Go SomePlace New and Fab,Where YOU Will Be Treated like the Diva*You truly ARE.A Fan Forever…check Out My Blog*at blm…Thank you…You will Love It…………blm1957…..

  2. fhsmct on said:

    Rules are rules and why are folks always looking for the hook up?! If the policy is not to seat incomplete parties, that’s the policy. If it were my place, I’d surely not appreciate one of my tables being taken up when I could have a paying customer seated and being served. Put your name on the list, when your party show up, inform the Matre’d and then you’ll get seated. It’s really THAT simple . . .

  3. I do not disagree that Ms. Ross was probably being very difficult and I would not be surprised by her being unapproachable and dismissive of fans and strangers. Most celebrities are jackasses. Barbara Streisand, for instance, is notorious for her antics and ugly ways, according to various media reports. Still, this has very little to do with getting preferential treatment in Beverly Hills. Diana Ross was snubbed: the restaurant wanted to send her a message about her new place in the pecking order, and Ms. Ross was not having it. I don’t know how much of their decision was based on her being a black woman but I suspect that the shelf life of black female celebrities in “Hollywood” is shorter than most female celebrities.

  4. Sorry folks but Diana was not snubbed. She was acting like an ass so please stop trying to make it look like it was the color of her skin. First of all Cher nor Babara Striestand would never act like that. They have class. Diana is trying to convience people that she got class. I am a Black Man.

  5. Maliciousboy on said:

    Diana Ross has been a Diva for a loooooong time. I’ve known people who’ve worked with her. She’s one of those, “don’t make eye contact with me” types. She certainly feels privileged. Now I’m sure in her glory days she would have gotten preferential treatment, but Miss Ross is no longer The Boss. Though I’ve always loved her music, I’ve been disappointed by what I’ve heard of her attitude. I quote Horton who heard the Who’s. “a Preston’s a person, no matter how small.” She should be treated as everyone else if that is truly their policy.

  6. I hope she NEVER goes back there! How rude!! She’s in her sixties!! Did they expect her to stand there in a corner? Would she be hounded by unwanted attention? Sounds very racist!! Would they do this to Doris Day or some other WHITE elderly celeb? After all the beauty Ms. Ross brought to the the world. Shameful! That dump has NO CLASS!!

  7. velmq pritchett on said:

    Maybe, no celebs should go there. And see how the owner likes that. I understand that they have rules. this is a elederly lady. And besides that she could buy the place if she wanted. That owner is nuts and I hope all celebs see this and refuse to dine there.

  8. I agree with Talitha: La Scalia snubbed Ms. Ross. Everyone knows that restaurants reserve the right to bend their rules, or policies, and I am sure that La Scalia would have seated a member of the British monarchy, for example, who arrived a few minutes ahead of his or her party. For whatever reason, the manager of La Scalia chose to apply the rules, in Ms Ross’s case. What a dirty little fish tank the celebrities swim around in!

  9. Why should everyone have to make adjustments because Diana’s daughter was late? Most resturants have seating in the lobby for waiting customers. Did they not have this or was Diana asking for a table seating while she waited? I applaud the owner, if they stick to thier policy – no matter the customer.

  10. yorky1966 on said:

    All she had to do was have someone call and make a reservation and, according to the owner, she would have been seated. It’s not that hard, plan ahead like the rest of us have to do.

  11. I agree with Candice and Talitha. Is it too much to ask for a seat while you wait for the rest of your party? I doubt the policy is applied to everyone and if it is the restaurant should consider changing it. I would have been irritated if denied seating at a restaurant that I’m about to spend money at just because my dining partner is running late. Sounds ridiculous. They could have offered her a drink or appetizer during her wait. That’s not special treatment, it’s common courtesy!

  12. That’s why our society is declining more and more. People feel that their money or their celebrity entitles them to different rules, and most of the time they get it. I have no problem with the restaurant holding up their policy and if she wanted to be seated immediately without all of her party there, she should have made a reservation.

  13. I have to agree with the owner….that is HIS restaurant that is HIS policy and if she did not like it then do what she did………..GO SOMEWHERE ELSE…plain and simple…..there are much more important things going on in the world than her wanting to be ‘catered’ to……we can be some petty azz people and until we spend time on the important things in life in this society–it aint going to get no better…..she should know she aint got it like that but IT AINT THAT DEEP!!!!!!

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  15. Candice on said:

    All she was asking was to be seated while her daughter arrived. She was not asking to stay there or to skip the line. She an old woman more than a Diva. She needs to sit down more than the rest.

  16. Talitha on said:

    Obviously they are not fans of hers and this was a snubb if she would have been Cher or Barbara Striestand they would have accommadated them, I hope she never goes there again and I hope other celebs read about this snubb and decide not to do business with them or dine there.

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