He may not have an NFL job, but Chad Johnson is still sitting pretty.

The former NFL baller recently filed documents in Miami Dade County Court showing that he’s raking over $66,000 a month. The papers were filed as a part of his ongoing child support battle with one of his baby mamas.

The reports suggest that Johnson, formerly known as Ochocinco, receives an average of $66,104.66 a month in 2012 and claims he earned it all through “self-employment, partnerships, and/or independent contracts.”

He also reported pulling in over $1.28 million in real estate assets, $600,000 in cars, $75,000 in furniture and $40,000 in jewelry. The reports also show practically no signs of debt.

In regards to his expenses, Johnson pays $16,000 a month in child support to mothers outside of the lawsuit and $5,000 on monthly entertainment. He also spends $3,500 on clothes, $1,000 on pet costs, and $250 on personal “grooming.”

(Photo: AP)

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