Call it disrespectful, funny or just plain strange.

TLC’s newest docudrama, Best Funeral Ever, may be all of those things rolled into one. The hourlong special could produce a full series, if the audience likes it. Best Funeral Ever chronicles the employees of the Dallas-based Golden Gate Funeral Home as they plan extravagant “home-going celebrations” for the dead.

Owner John Beckwith Jr. says, “If [the deceased] wanted to dunk a basketball, we can make that happen.”

Watch a clip of the show below.

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27 thoughts on “VIDEO: TLC to Debut ‘Best Funeral Ever’ Show

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  5. Have any of you been to some of the black churches and see all of the action and dancing? It may not be the way I worship, but I sure do love the spirit. I don’t understand why people who can’t stand the show can tell every detail of it. Turn it off. I love to see the families who can celebrate and not be sad all the time. It means so much to them. I can remember a time when no would dare be buried with a hat on. Lately I have seen to two “white” funerals, where the deceased had on a ball cap. And how about the places in California that set the deceased in a lazy boy, while he “watches” TV? And Drive through windows to keep you from getting out of the car. Who is to say what is right for another?

    • Celebrating a life is one thing. But I would never attend a funeral with fake mourners and video cameras recording a funeral for a reality show episode. It’s not what you do, but how you do it that distiguishes the classy from the coonery.

  6. I like the show. I don’t think it demeans anyone. Those families are sincere, and want something special for their loved one. That’s all it takes. A person who can provide what the family wants. I think it’s inventive and fun. Who is it hurting? Better yet, who is it helping? That’s what matters most. 🙂

  7. Kindra on said:

    This is proof that you can buy just about anything, pride and self respect included. I live in Dallas, TX. My family has used this funeral home several times. The father started this business small and worked it until he and the wife died. I am certain he would be turning in his grave if he knew his son had corrupted this business with this foolery.

  8. bro keith X on said:

    The people have spoken, and I am for, with, and down with the People!!! Negroes are the reason why we can’t get anything going on in this country! White-folks know, ain’t no such thing as a successful middle-class nig—, but he allows these ‘coons’ to believe that, and they do just what ‘massa’ expects: Continue the “Fiddler/Chicken” legacy!!! The majority of the people on this site has denounced this madness, and TLC better be paying attention!!!

  9. Ok. True story folks. Some years ago I went to Golden Gate Funeral Home to ask to buy a really cheap casket for a holloween show. Mr. Beckwith, the owner refused, saying it would be disrepectful to families of the dearly departed. But I guess for enough money, anybody (pun intended) can be disrespected. Coonery, buffoonery & tomfoolery. Only way to shut it down is not to watch.

  10. Jeanette on said:

    This is the most degrading, ghetto, stupid ….. I could go on, but people please don’t watch this mess. The world is already saying we don’t know anything this will just prove their point at how truly stupid some of us can be. I don’t watch reality TV and this is on of the reasons. I can say truly that I don’t watch reality TV it just a waist of time.

  11. sheilby on said:

    Can they get any more embarrassing – i am for them! if you dont watch they will have no ratings- this is ignorance at its worse!

  12. Bill Kimble on said:

    The world is laughing at us! This show can be broadcasted all over the world. I love my people, but I now see that we have a long way to go. “Professional mourners”, this show is a new low.

  13. I love my black people, but I have a feeling this show will be cancelled. Ignorance is in every race. They have a show where a woman (who happens to be white) made the mankini….a BRA for men. But they exploit us the most forreal….but that’s racism/white supremacy for ya. 🙂

  14. This show is going to have commericals. So make a note of who those sponsors are. Write, phone or
    e-mail them. Tell them you will not be buying their products and that your friends and relatives will also be told not to buy their products. The TLC network should be bombarded the same way. The Best Funeral Ever must not be permitted to get into two markets: syndication and DVD format. These are not “home going” ceremonies. They are part of a never ending circus with no shortage of willing accomplices. The ultimate insult would be the producers of this show using the O’Jay’s song ” You’ve got to give the people, give the people what they want” as the opening and closing theme of each episode.

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  17. Alia Harris on said:

    This is the worst television show on the planet. It sets black people back 1000 years. It is so disgraceful to black people and it reveals the fact that white people don’t respect us. It shows that if you give a nigga a dollar he will act like a monkey. Please stop exploiting black people!!

    • Heather Smith on said:

      This show is a horrible, sick, and twisted way of showing respect for the deceased. This funeral home should be shut down and all licenses should be revoked.

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  19. Steph'en on said:

    The nation celebrated the 150th year anniversary of the Emancipation Proclamation, January 1, 2013, and this month the inauguration of the reelection of first Black president of the United States and we still put with this buffoonery and slave mentality. I’ve had enough! Really. It’s not funny. It’s ignorant and we need to hold these television networks and commercial sponsors accountable. Tell TLC, and their ilk, to stop producing these ignorant shows that demean, degrade, and vitiate the African American community.

    • demean, degrade, and vitiate??? How is it demeaning or degrading them if it’s how they are? You’re the ignorant one if you believe that all African American, scratch that, every American is just a regular Joe. There are many people in this country who are just as IGNORANT as these “funeral directors” and i use that term very lightly. Open your eyes and you’ll see the truth. TLC is doing nothing but shining the light on everyone to see the ridiculousness of these people. I refuse to watch this show because i have respect not only for myself but for the families who have lost someone and this basically makes a mockery of the business.

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