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A Louisville, Ky., woman was arrested after she tried to use her EBT card to buy iPads, WHAS-TV reports.

Tracy Browning reportedly entered the Valley Station Wal-Mart in Louisville where she tried to purchase two iPads with her EBT card. When the card was declined, she dashed for the exit with the items and reportedly assaulted a store clerk on her way out. But the cops nabbed her at another Wal-Mart where she allegedly attempted to purchase more iPads with her EBT card.

Browning reportedly has been banned from all Wal-Mart stores because of previous incidents.

(Photo: NewsOne)

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4 thoughts on “Woman Tries to Buy iPads with Food Stamp Card

  1. Jawanda on said:

    Welfare is a path to making us all slaves again. As soon as the government has more people on welfare than they can affored they will turn on us and force us to work. Or worse. I wonder if their is any country in history that we can look at to see what path we are on.? Now that would make a good story for BAW

  2. This is what food stamps has done to us as a people. Our current welfare program is bad for the black community and is bad for the american people. In its current form it helps tear families apart ( you get more money if you are a single mom, so ditch the father) It prevents people from improving thier financial and social status. ( why strive to get a good job if you can get more benifits through welfare and you lose welfare according to how much you make, so why try to get a better job. Do the minimum and live off of others)
    We are human and we adapt to our enviroment to better survive. And I believe to my core that our current welfare system is set up to keep us down.
    Study up and the rise and fall of Rome see if you can see similarities of what is happening today.

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