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Harriet Deison, The wife of a Texas pastor committed suicide in her Lexus Sedan after purchasing a gun in a Dallas gun shop.

Witnesses reportedly heard two shots from Deison’s vehicle, which was parked in the lot of McClelland Gun Shop, where she bought the pistol minutes before.

According to reports, the 65-year-old Deison did not leave a suicide note.

She is a mother of two, and a grandmother of five.

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15 thoughts on “Pastor’s Wife Commits Suicide in Car

  1. Rhonda on said:

    I think something is fishy about this. You need to pull back the chamber/whatever to first a second shot. Noone cares about this lady or her story, and ruling her dead a suicide is careless.

  2. Adhideva Godleman on said:

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  3. How is everyone coming up with murder just because two shots was fired? It is possible that the first shot could have went off by mistake especially when you have someone that may be a novice with guns. It was labeld a suicide for a reason. Not much to go on in this article but I’m sure there is more known by the police.

  4. Leslie on said:

    Gunshots have a very distinct sound and can be extremely loud. However, it’s suspect that two shots were heard and they want to call it suicide. I say murder!

  5. mexoplex on said:

    there isn’t a car on this planet where you couldnt hear “two gun shots” There is no way you cannot hear a gunshot even if the car was running, windows up and the music blasting. Guns make distinct sounds when fired.

  6. Leslie Brew on said:

    If witnesses heard 2 shots, it may not have been suicide but murder. If she was inside of a Lexus, no one could have heard the shots unless they were inside of the car. This sounds fishy.

    • Seriously? How do you even come up with “no one could have heard the shots unless they were inside of the car?” Do you experience this often?

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