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LOS ANGELES (AP) — “Star Wars” creator George Lucas is engaged.

A spokeswoman for Lucasfilm Ltd. says the 68-year-old director is engaged to 43-year-old investment firm president Mellody Hobson. No other details were provided.

Hobson serves as chairman of DreamWorks Animation and is a financial contributor to ABC’s “Good Morning America.”

Lucas helped to launch the modern blockbuster age with his “Star Wars” sagas and “Indiana Jones” adventures. The original “Star Wars” still stands as the No. 2 film in terms of tickets sold domestically, behind only “Gone with the Wind.”

Lucas has three children: Amanda, Katie and Jett. He was previously married to film editor Marcia Lucas from 1969 to 1983.

Disney completed its acquisition of Lucasfilm and the “Star Wars” franchise from Lucas for $4.06 billion in cash and stock last month.

(Photo: AP)

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11 thoughts on “George Lucas, Mellody Hobson Engaged

  1. I like her hair and even if I did not, why be rude on such a happy occassion? Jealous much or is it ignorant often? She is a nice looking lady and he looks very good for his age too, Besides outer beauty fades, pretty on the inside is what matters. If I had not found my sweet prince, I would like him too, with that sexy brain, who else could tell you the most amazing bed time stories! There is nothing worse than drab pillow talk!

  2. hallelujah365 on said:

    there’s nothing wrong with her hair. He hair is fine. It’s a pixie cut….it’s supposed to look just like this. duh!!

  3. I so agree about the ignorant hair comment. What does a persons hair have to do with their heart and soul. Whoever wrote that must be young and simple

  4. ReneeManning on said:

    I don’t care for her as I had an opportunity to work at an organization that asked her to be a guest speaker and she was a bigger DIVA than Aretha Franklin, just rude and obnoxious. I could care less that she’s bagged a billionaire, money is her thing and it makes sense. Who wouldn’t want to marry him? I mean, really, lol…never met him but, they probably are a good fit.

  5. yanathadwriter on said:

    The hair comment is silly. It’s the crabs in the barrel mindset. Here is another silly one for where are all the angry “black” men saying, they are good “black” men out there why didn’t she marry a brother. We are all the human race, love is love.

  6. Congrats!!! I hope someone helps Melody with her hair. This style in this picture just won’t get it!!! Looks like she just got out the bed and threw on that dress. Melody you gotta represent the sistas better than this hon!! 🙂

    • Deba Singleton on said:

      It always amazes me with some of these comments, HER HAIR? Indeed, here we have a successful black sister with bonafide credentials, you wish her congratulations and in the same breath tear her down on her hair style. I’m sure she felt the love.

      • BonitaApplebum12 on said:

        My sentiments exactly Deba. As I was reading that comment, I had the exact same feeling…”really”??

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