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Totally saw this coming! I mean every good reality star has an infamous quote that goes viral via tweets births a tee shirt launch, right. From Evelyn‘s “Non-Mutha____ Factor”, Tamar‘s “Get Your Life”, and now Kenya Moore‘s “Gone With The WInd Fabulous”. The newest drama queen addition to Real Housewives Of Atlanta isn’t wasting any time ensuring her 15 minutes.

I know what you’re thinking, haven’t we seen enough of these silly tees. Well at that’s what I was thinking. But it’s all in good ‘ole fashion fun (pun intended). The tees come in either a basic black or white and sport Kenya’s most popular phrases like–Hold Onto Your Weaves40 & Fabulous and ‘Gone With the Wind Fabulous’. For under $30 you can rock this ratchetness too!

Click here to purchase.

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One thought on “Kenya Moore Launches ‘Gone With the Wind’ T-Shirt Line

  1. Debbie on said:

    I would not waste my money. i think she is a TOTAL disgrace to not only black women but she is a disgrace to the MISS USA title!
    I would NEVER beg a man to marry me. She is SO desperate! Whome ever she gets to marry her crazy behind will be a total mess!

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