JET Magazine has a long history as Black America’s news magazine. It’s a tradition they take seriously under new editor-in-chief Mitzi Miller. In a sad postscript to 2012, Jet’s first cover story of 2013 is about 17-year-old Jordan Davis, the latest victim of Florida’s notorious “Stand Your Ground” law.  “Standing Our Ground” written by acclaimed journalist Denene Millner (the author of 21 books including the bestseller “Act Like a Lady, Think Like a Man” with Steve Harvey) the story exposes yet another murder of  a young Black male just months after Trayvon Martin was also killed in Florida.

The Friday after Thanksgiving, commonly known as “Black Friday” for its post-holiday sales, proved to be a tragic one for the Davis family. On that day Jordan and his friends went to a Jacksonville gas station to fill up after leaving a local mall. They encountered Michael Dunn, a 46-year-old Florida gun collector with a permit to carry a concealed weapon. A confrontation took place over the volume of the music playing in the car Davis and his friends were in. Dunn, later saying he felt “threatened” and thought the teens were “gang members”, shot into the car, wounding and killing Davis.

In the article, his parents, Ron Davis and Lucia McBath express both their grief and their commitment to justice not just for their son, but for anyone who might have to go through a similar injustice. Like Trayvon Martin’s parents, Jordan’s parents are trying to spread the word about the inequalities of the “Stand Your Ground” law and use their son’s death for a higher purpose.

“I will be out there stomping all over the nation, fighting for my son,” Davis says in the article. “We need to change these laws to back ‘when you shoot somebody, you’re going to be held accountable.’”

The latest edition of “JET” also features an interview with Tionne “T-Boz” Watkins and Jenisa Young, the third place winner in the JET national Beauty of the Week contest, part of which was featured on “The Real Housewives of Atlanta.” The issue is on newsstands now.

11 thoughts on “JET Magazine Won’t Stand Down

  1. Hamilton on said:


    Here is your answer and I have not heard this yet,,,


  2. It has been a century of Sundays since Jet magazine had someone on its cover who was not a celebrity. What happened to Jordan Davis is a tragedy, no ifs, ands or buts. I hope his appearance is a sign that the powers that be at Jet are ready to swing the pendulum and put ordinary people back on its covers. If you got good stories, Jet, you won’t need to use celebrities on the cover as a crutch in order to sell the magazine each week.

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  4. It’s all just so sad. I live 45 minutes to the east of where the Sandy Hook shootings took place, but as tragic as that incident was, something like this is just as bad or worse because people will try to paint the victim as being the aggressor and somehow deserving of being pumped full of bullets at close range, similar to what they’ve unsuccessfully tried to do in the Treyvon Martin case. We already have enough people with entitlement issues and blatant disregard for life, give them a law like Stand Your Ground then you’ve recipe for rampant chaos.

  5. msveenie on said:

    I definitely advocate tougher gun laws. In each of these cases there is a insecure, self-important unstable white male with a gun. Each of these men seem to be brave only when they have fire power. God help us all to deal with dimwit cowards as we go into 2013.

    • bro keith X on said:

      Why when a white-man murders one of our kids, we call on God to help us? Why can’t we help ourselves? Why can’t we “Stand Our Grounds” as a people? Why can’t we inflict upon that devil what he has been inflicting upon us for 400+ years? God, has already spoke His Words: “A People who are called by My name, when they turn from their wicked ways, ONLY THEN, will I heal their lands!!!” We continue to live contrary to God’s devine scriptures, and expect sunshine. We live under the rules of demons, and look for progress/happiness! Ain’t gonna happen!! Stop praying and do what you gotta do. I’m not talking about going out killing white-folks, which we will be JUSTIFIED in doing, but stop, and think about who representing you in local, state. and federal government, and change that sh– now!!! A.P. Tureau laid the path, and we just dropped the ball. Rev. Alexander showed us the ‘beast’ and we ignored the signs. Medgar Evers demostrated what real representation provokes and we let him die in vain! Stop, read, dialogue, engage, find out who’s representing you and hold their feet to the fire!!! Stop following the commercials of celebrities who have sold their souls to gain what little fame they think they have. Wake the f— up people!

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  7. D'Carlo on said:

    Its a shame that this so called gun collector was allowed to carry a weapon on him. It is obviouse that he was unstable. I mean what kind of man would want to spend his hard earned money on a bunch of guns. More should be done to keep guns out of the hands of the mental ill.
    But that is as far as I will take it. I agree with arming good americans who are trained and can make good decisions. Shooting children is obviously a bad decision. However there are plenty of other stories where concealed gun owners have helped their communities.

    • bro keith X on said:

      My name is Keith Hudson, I’m from New Orleans, a racist city where the country comes to flush it’s sins, and D’Carlo, it sounds like you feels like this cracker was justified in shooting this kid, because of past instances where it help a community to carry concealed weapons. This is a case where a gun-toting cracker felt confident enough to confront a bunch of Black Kids and tell them to turn down their radio, and its obvious the kids told him to go f— himself, and being armed, this crackers felt, this nig—is not going to disrespect him, and shot this kid!!! This cracker was banking on the idiotic notion that all black people have criminal records, which would justify him shooting him, but it didn’t, and so he used the white-folks: “Kill a Nig—, Get Out of Jail Free Card!” They do it all the time down here in New Orleans, and get away with it. Why? Because we lack black politicians with the courage to change these racist laws. They just in office to steal. We lack lawyers who challenge these racist laws, because they got their license to hustle off of poor black folks, and to get in office. Here in New Orleans, we haven’t had black political representation since the 70s! That’s 30 years of killing of our children by white-folks, while our so-called leaders held hands and marched for more money for their churches & organizations!! That’s what the reality of this story is really about. White-folks doing what they do best, and negroes making excuses for it!!!

      • the shooting was a tragedy, no doubt. but as a black man I find it counter productive to always assume “white folks” are out to get “negroes”. Oh yes, some are and the good ole boy network is unfortunately alive and well but not all white folks are racist, bigots…no, not even most. The problem as I see it is this: a tragic situation like this is terrible, unacceptable but what should be more terrible and unacceptable is over 500 murders in Chicago, the great majority comitted by us, against us. I live in Milwaukee, wi, still the most segregated city in this country and still home to racists. But seriously, would be a huge lie and unacceptable to me, to avoid an inconvenient fact: the majority of the violent crime in MKE is comitted by black folk, against other black folk. We have ample, black political representation here. What we do not have, and what seems to bother some black folks when it’s mentioned, is ample parents, mothers and fathers, prepared to parent their children. Oh yes, their are plenty of parents doing ther job but there are enough who aren’t, and who don’t want to be confronted with that fact. No, I’m not saying Jordan or Trayvon’s parents were trifling. I am saying that black folk killing other black folk has been a tragic problem for over 40 years now and the outrage seems to only show up, in force, for these white, stand your ground shootings? I can’t speak for what happens in New Orleans but in MKE, there have been recent cases where young, black males have died at he hands of white police officers or other citizens. The image that is created of black males is the bigger issue. We need to change this negative perception. Not to please white folks; but to propel ourselves.

      • bro keith X on said:

        Cane, you say you are a black man, but you sound like white-folks, trying to blame the parents on the actions of their children, who are committed most of the murders, as you say. Well, black man, take a look around you, and you tell me what the f— we control? Can we determine our destiny? Can we say that today, the economics/legislation/judiciary branches of government gonna play it fair across the board? So, stop parrotting what white-folks say about it’s the parents fault that young black men are killing other black men, and WE are not upset about it, but we get upset when a white-boy kills a black man. Listen at this, Willie Lynch did US a horrendous mental degradation, and as a result, you see the self-destructive patterns, that you blame on the parents of these kids! As a black man, stop playing Willie Lynch hand for him, and put the blame where it rightfully belong: In the Slave-Master’s lap!!! Check a lil knowledge on Milwaukee. There was a person, who tried to open up an all black young men school, to teach those young men their rightful place on this planet, and guess who was made the pawn to challenge that ‘much-needed’ facility. A black woman, propped up by the ACLU, alleging that she wanted her daughter to go to that school! So, Cane, kill that B.S. you talking, because We trying to teach our children right from wrong, but this beast won’t let our kids go. You know why, because GOD ordained our seed to be the 144k who will descend upon this earth with a vengance, like never seen before, but that ‘beast’ is doing everything possible to prevent that revelation from taking place, but it’s already written!! So, Cane, think about this and let it soak in your head. When was the last time you saw a Brother, in cold-blood murder a white-boy, just because he can? NEVER!!! So, don’t talk that crap, unless you know what you’re talking about. I love my people, and I know the psychological torture they’ve endured at the hands of this beast, and I say to you, look inside yourself, and see what you are doing to break this vicious cycle, before you speak on behalf of that beast!!!

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