Pilar Sanders is ending 2012 by penning an open letter to the public in which she goes into great detail about being abused by soon to be ex-husband Deion Sanders. The couple who have been doing THE most this past year with their divorce drama being played out in the media, is embroiled in one of the nastiest divorces in recent history.

Pilar calls out Deion about his alleged affair with an 18-year-old girl and her reduced child support, after recently losing temporary custody of her two sons with the ex-football superstar:

~A person with any type of intellect or basic common sense would realize how low and desperate it looks to demean and verbally abuse your wife and mother of your three children of whom she has been raising period!

If spending 14 years of sharing your life building a family, creating and managing our family brand and business’ means I was “digging for Gold” then I guess that would make us both diggers wouldn’t it?

Any digging done was us breaking ground together on our marital property in Prosper, Tx. And perhaps most recently by Mr. Deion Sanders reaching and grabbing for any kind of sheet or wool to pull over the media’s eyes, when photos of him and an 18yrs old teenager in a hotel bed surfaced Sept. 2011 instead of dealing with it like a man, Deion choose to hide behind smoke and mirrors by throwing our entire family under the bus!….That’s digging…digging yourself deeper and deeper into a black hole full cowardly acts, lies, deceit, manipulation, conspiracy, adultery and pure evil!

Taking my sons from school, disappearing for days without me knowing where they were or how to contact them is something Deion began doing throughout the entirety of our divorce to appear as if he was some kind of hands on “single dad” who can handle it all.

Deion staging and tweeting pictures our sons filling out a police report was all for his own benefit. His public appearances and desire to grab ahold of our sons increased as more light shown on the questionable validity of his jaded charter school endeavor.

Even when Deion and I agreed to follow a court ordered possession schedule, Deion felt as if he had the right to do whatever he pleased to do. This is how he always obtained and kept my boys from me. There is nothing lawful or respectable or manly about what Deion has done throughout our divorce. The court officials, the police, attorneys have all known about his mischievous behaviors and now it’s almost like he has been rewarded for it.

My LIFE and Livelihood have always been centered around being an extremely loving and attentive mother.

All things considered, even after everything Deion has done (physical, emotional, verbal, and financial, abuse) I have never kept our children from seeing or spending time with him. The custody arrangements were never heard by the court!

TEMPORARY issues including temporary custody were brought before the court however NONE of the issues were concluded or finalized. The judge called for a continuance of the hearing to take place at the top of the year.

For failure to have temporary orders to be followed by me and of course shat on by Deion, the Judge simply made orders to be followed for the holidays. I have all three of my babies for the first half and Deion has them for the later.

PS. OH!… by the way OUR Premarital Agreement (yes,..even all seven different version, including the forged pages) where solely drawn up/manipulated by Deion’s attorneys,… made its own declaration for an annulment all in itself.

Mmmm hmmm,..And if the agreement is ruled valid (which it’s not) I am only walking in accordance to Deion’s wishes as I have done for years.

~ Pilar Sanders

(Photo: Retna)

7 thoughts on “Pilar Sanders Pens Open Letter About Domestic Abuse & Divorce Drama

  1. Can’t say that I buy the physical abuse assertion. Wasn’t it she, along with a female friend, that broke into the family’s home and attacked him while he was sleeping?

  2. amina56 on said:

    Black women are usually demonized ( notice the above posts). The fact that he tweeted pics of his boys filing papers against their own mom says it all.
    Funny how white women never get this type of hate when they get divorced from a superstar. Funny how the term gold -digger is amost always used against Black females from Robin Givens to to Pilar. Everyone knows when you get married /have kids you will have to pay, Halle pays 20K in child support. Diddy pays 30K per month and they were never even married. He should just divorce quietly, pay what is fair and move on instead of accusing her of being a gold digger. Perhaphs it was he who used her for the image/ tv show/ etc, until she started getting more media attention. Many men with big egos cannot stand sharing the spotlight and begin to resent the person.

    He actually made himself look bad by slandering her in the media.

  3. She need to sit her azz down and let it GO! God can handle him better than she can because the more she talks, writes etc is making her look just that more like a ‘gold-digging’ bitter women!….put that bitterness into raising those children and being a better person than he is…..IF she took his ‘abuse’ that long—REALLY what does that say about her?—–please somebody tell that woman HE AINT THINKING ABOUT HER –get her some serious counseling and STOP giving that man satisfaction of knowing that he is still a concern of hers!

  4. What goes around comes around…were you sleeping with him when he was married?????? Stop whinning and take what has come back full circle.

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