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Tamar Braxton is being called out for saying something about Beyonce faking her pregnancy.

Well, on Monday night’s debut of VH1′s “Tiny Tonight,” she got into a heated discussion about whether or not she publicly said the singer actually carried Blue Ivy.

Rapper Trina and Tiny totally defended Bey’s nine months while Tamar only said she wasn’t sure if it was true in the beginning.

Remember that video of Beyoncé sitting down during an interview and her dress collapsed where her pregnant belly should have been.

Everyone was on the Internet asking the same question, “Is she really pregnant?”

And Tamar happened to ask it too. But because of her status, she received lots of criticism.

“Never said Beyoncé faked her pregnancy! That was Claudia’s a*s! I was talking about the video that came out this year so _/ and rewind,” Tamar tweeted, advising her detractors to have a seat.

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