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1. 1. A whole lot of talking, very little music. When’s the album coming Tamar? (PR)

2. 2. Apparently, Chris Brown is the first to have one. But we came up with our own wish list. (PR)

3. 3. KimYe – Please, make a Blocker App for these two. (PR)

4. 4. Evelyn – & her attitude is everywhere now…crying. Yep, gonna need a Blocker App for this one too. (PR)

5. 5. Chad Johnson – So tired of that ole’ sad face EVERYWHERE. (PR)

6. 6. I would love to have a Blocker App for Kris Jenner, you know what how about the whole Jenner-Kardashian clan. (PR)

7. 7. Terrell Owens, we get it you’re broke. Can someone please block him asap. (PR)

8. 8. Halle Berry and her ongoing drama with the baby daddy. Geez, Please, someone let her move to France. (PR)

9. 9. This could be the best creation ever if it can block out everything Trump. (AP)

10. 10. NeNe you’re either leaving RHOA or staying, choose one! because we’re tired of hearing about it. (Retna)

11. 11. Two words – Lindsay Lohan -At the top of our wish list for an LiLo Blocker App. (PR)

12. 12. Chrianna- Either get back together, leave each other alone, or be quiet. (PR)

13. 13. Amanda Bynes?? What is the world is going on with her? I’m going to need a Blocker App if she don’t get some help soon. (PR)

14. 14. Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart will headline the Blocker App’s Couple Edition. (PR)