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Linda Orange of Houston, Texas is today’s ‘Thursday Morning Mom‘ winner.

Dear Tom,

Mmy mother is one of the most strongest women on earth. She always been the backbone of the entire family. She’s the oldest of five wonderful women. She’s raised six kids (two adopted), as well as help to raise numerous nieces and nephews as well as eleven grand kids and five great-grand kids. She retired a few years ago but went back to work six months later for the fact of being bored at home. She always bought everyone gifts for Christmas and never expected anything in return. Anytime anyone’s in need, she’s the one everyone leans on.

Well, this year money is tight and she’s not much into the holiday season because she’s unable to afford those gifts everyone is used to getting. This year, I feel that she should be the one receiving. She was talking about taking a trip to Vegas for the holiday but later changed her mind because of a lack of funds. Tom, if you could send my mom to Vegas for the holidays I would be eternally greatful. If anyone deserves it’s this wonderful woman I call my mom.

Thanks, Tom

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