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NFL star Ray Lewis is known for blocking on the football field. He’s now trying to block his baby momma from getting all up in his financial business.

Lewis Wants a judge to stop his child’s mother Sharnika Kelly from hiring a forensic investigator from going through his financial records with a fine toothed comb. Kelly and Lewis have been haggling over child support for their son for the better part of a year.

Sharnika Kelly asked the court to dismiss their original child support agreement because she signed it back in 2001 and alleges Ray Lewis never disclosed his full income. Sharnika went as far as to request a forensic investigator check out Lewis’ money situation because she feels the $3,500 she gets per month for their son isn’t enough.

Ray Lewis opposes the forensic search because he and his legal team argue the arrangement the two set up in 2001 is more than fair. He also said when he and Kelly came to the agreement in 2001, he disclosed all of his financial information back then. They also argue that if Sharnika Kelly wanted the child support increased, she should have done so back in 2001 and not 11 years later.

No decision has been made in the case as of yet.

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