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Technology experts at IBM say computers may engage all five senses five years from now.

After their annual 5 in 5 review, analysts believe computer sensors will be so far advanced in five years that users will be able to feel an object in such a detailed way that the brain will register the characteristics as if they touched it firsthand.

Developers say that within the same time span smartphones will also be able to engage the sense of touch through the compact screen.

“We’re not talking about fuzzy screens,” said Bernie Meyerson, IBM’s vice president of innovation. “You’re not going to have to dry clean your Samsung.”

Currently, video games are the closest technology that adapts the touch sensory such as in driving games with vibrating steering wheels.

IBM developers have already started the process of creating unique applications for retail and healthcare industries that use sensory, electromagnetic or pressure-sensitive technologies to simulate touch.

(Photo: AP)