Blessed are the mourners; for they shall be comforted.

When I tried to process how and why such horrible tragedies like the Connecticut shooting could happen, someone sent me that scripture.

Comfort is a start, but like President Obama said when he addressed the nation Friday with teary eyes, it’s time to take action. Like the rest of the country, he doesn’t want to ever see a scene like we saw in Newtown anywhere again.

This isn’t a political issue; this is a human rights issue. Every citizen in this country has the right to feel safe on the streets, in the mall, at the gas station or in kindergarten class. It shouldn’t matter whether it’s in a rich suburb, a rural farming community, a working class neighborhood or the inner city. We should feel outraged anytime a human is a victim of gun violence.

Before we spend another dime fighting for the freedom of others across the world or deploy another soldier, we need to demand that gun laws be changed and that the military or somebody take back the streets in Chicago, Philly, Cleveland, New Orleans and everywhere else that crime and violence run rampant.

I don’t want to hear a single word about how changing the laws won’t stop guns from getting into the wrong hands. It won’t stop all of it, but it will stop some of it. Increased services for the mentally ill are part of the problem too and must be addressed.

In times like these, we all look to each other to gain some kind of understanding on how we can begin to heal. Thank you for all of your Facebook posts expressing sadness, sympathy, confusion and, in some cases, anger over what’s happened. Don’t let it end there. Help me come up with a plan to hold our elected officials accountable for making some changes.  Like so many of you, I will go on with my life, my vacation, my Christmas and, by the first of the year, be right back in my comfort zone. I don’t want that to happen. At the first of the year—and for those parents whose lives, vacations and Christmases will never be the same again—I want to find out what I can do to make a difference.

Let’s not be cynics and ask why it’s taken a shooting in a white, upscale neighborhood to cause us to force change. The point is if we don’t force change now, it will continue to happen. We banded together as a community and a nation and elected a president. We can do it again to stop senseless violence, starting with stricter gun control laws.

God bless the families in Newtown. And God bless families all over this country who have lost friends and family to senseless gun violence.

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8 thoughts on “A Time For Mourning…and Action!

  1. Cecilia Mott on said:

    May God bless this United States snd keep us all. Colors not just care of whites what bout the rest of us… we need to pray for real…

  2. Ms. Tonja on said:

    I have been blogging about gun violence for many years now. I began writing about the issues with guns because of my person loss. I lost my stepfather to gun violence at the hands of my mother. So, I really lost quite a bit over the years. I contribute it all to a gun being in the house and family dysfunction. When you couple mental dysfunction with handguns and assault rifles you get death. I did an I-Report on CNN back in July of 2011. The article received 124 views and only 20 comments. If someone would have listened to me then, there would be less guns on the streets now.
    Gun violence isn’t anything new. But, it really only matters to some when it is in “their” back yards. This goes for the drug problem in this country as well. Guns has caused many of us to suffer loss. But, we can make a difference if we keep fighting. I will never give up my battle to eliminate as many handguns and assault rifles out of the hands of dysfunctional people as possible.
    I must say, I am not against a gun for protection, by a licensed, trained owner. I am against Assault rifles for anyone, other than the military. Please join me in this fight.
    Again, I know many of us know the hurt and pain of losing a loved one to gun violence. But, we must put this energy to good use. Write, blog, fuss or do what you must. Do not allow this to be swept under the rug again.

  3. on said:

    I agree wholeheartedly with all of you, know, owning these issue,should motive us commit to collectively work strategic plans to actions. There must consistency, especially from the communities effected, along with community movement to highlight working collaborative in our community, until we effect our elected and community leader as well mature an young adults. We can stop borrowing and looking for handout regarding responsibilities, human dignity, justice and meaningful healthcare.

  4. Now all of a sudden, guns are a problem because white babies got killed?.

    Dont forget in 1967, Oakland, Ca…a freight boxcar full of guns were abandoned so that blacck people could take them.

    • J. Marie on said:

      I have been waiting for someone to acknowledge this! what about Black people’s grief when we had four little Black girls killed while attending Sunday School at the 16th Street Baptist Church in 1963, no one heard our grief, but Jesus! Sad as this incident has been, and yes we all are griefing, but gun control is not the answer, maybe the Nation should be looking at why all these mass murders are committed by young white men. This has not been discussed, the topics are gun control and mental illiness, none of these white mass shooter were ever found to be mentally ill. Their actions make them appear mental, but no one that has mental illiness would be capable of such acts of violence, that would require too much thought process.

  5. Monica Sharp on said:

    It is time for the this Country to realize we are going in the wrong direction in most directions that we are taking. There is no one answer for this problem there are many and it starts with this Country realizing we need to be one. We call ourselves the United States of America and we are anything but united. We divide ourselves by race, gender, income, and every other division imaginable! We need to become Truly the United states of America!

    During this past Presidential election people were demonized if they were a recipient of Government assistance in any form. Most states have closed mental health facilities and these persons are allowed to make it on their own. We don’t help enough in the area of Veterans affairs and those are allowed to make it on their own. We have not raise the minimum wage for years so those who work are in need of Government assistance because they don’t have a living wage. Many say we need to put GOD back in school but which GOD are we talking about? There are as many religions as carter has liver pills ( telling my age). Gun control is not the totally what we need: we do need to stop the sale of the assault weapons but that is not the answer. We have evolved to be a nation of “We versus Them” and we need to be a Country of Us working for the good of all!

    Why in the World is there a debate in Washington DC regarding raising the taxes of the extremely Rich and cutting payments to the elderly or reducing such payments and or reducing costs paid for medical health. This is so insane I can’t believe there is not more outrage! When did we accept the notion that the “have have a right” and the Have Not’S need to figure it out and pull themselves up by their bootstraps!

  6. Mrs. Diondai Brown-Whitfield on said:

    Good Morning Tom,
    How are you doing? The weekend was very difficult for me as well as millions of others. Although my Wedding Anniversary was on Saturday, it was difficult to celebrate it under the circumstances. I’ve decided to use my energy to continue my various peace projects. They have helped thousands of young people over the years.
    God bless,
    Diondai Brown-Whitfield

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