In a special edition of “Little Known Black History Fact” comedian Tommy Davidson details the life of Dr. Frantz Fanon. (listen above)

Dr. Frantz Fanon was a Martinique born psychiatrist, philosopher, and internationally acclaimed writer. Best known for his piece about the impact of decolonization titled “The Wretched of the Earth.”

In the book, Fanon explored the relationship between race, class, culture, and violence and how it manifests in a nation’s attempt at liberation.

His other work includes “Black skin, White Masks” and “Sociology of a Revolution.”

Unfortunately, most of Fanon’s work was originally written in French, forcing English translations which have lead to his work being misrepresented and filled with omissions and errors.

In result, Fanon is often recognized as an advocate of violence, instead of praised for his critical perspectives on race and decolonization. However, internationally Fanon is well respected for his work in France and his active engagement in the liberation struggle of Algeria.

Fanon was born on July 20, 1925 in Martinique and died in Bethesda, Maryland, on December 6, 1961.

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