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It is no secret Kenya Moore is desperate to get married.

After watching the first couple of episodes of this season’s “Real Housewives of Atlanta” one could have assumed that maybe Walter Jackson was the answer to her prayers.

However, according to Jackson their relationship was a complete sham.

Jackson this week went onto a local Atlanta radio station and admitted that he and Kenya’s relationship was just for TV.

He claims that Kenya asked him to portray her boyfriend after signing onto the reality show back in April.

At first it was casual, but when Kenya began talking about engagement rings, children, and marriage, Jackson says the agreement turned into something he did not “sign up” for.

Jackson vehemently denies that Bravo producers were aware of the arrangement saying, “I’m not here to bash the show. Trust me, the producers and everybody with the show, they had no idea. This was me and Kenya.”

He does admit that the two did actually date three years ago briefly.

The tow company owner also claims that Kenya has multiple personalities, saying “I was trying to figure out each of those personalities as they came,” claiming one moment she could act one way and a couple minutes would behave completely different.