Gospel sisters Mary Mary is considering a break up. This isn’t the first time the singing siblings publicly discussed going their separate ways after 12 years of making hit records. But Erica and Tina Campbell are seriously thinking of breaking the duo up so each can go on her own way to begin solo careers, according to their interview with the Huffington Post.

“Now that we’re evolving as women, we feel like we’ve made a pretty substantial mark with Mary Mary,” said Tina. “It’s part natural. It’s part being prepared for the next phase in life. We may just need to take some time to reassess, to pray and seek God and find out what we can individually offer to the world.”

Erica followed up, “If Mary Mary is not meant to be together… it’ll be a smooth transition into whatever the next phase is. It definitely won’t be a contentious, selfish decision. It’ll be something that our passions and what we feel our spirit is telling us to do.”

Besides all of that, each of the ladies has plenty to juggle on their own with growing families and multiple roles as women, wives and mothers. However, they say family has never gotten in the way of making a career work.

“That’s not the motivation for either of us. It is 12 years-time to reassess, reevaluate, take a moment, breathe, inhale, exhale, all of that.”

As of today, the sisters are still a musical item. But stay tuned for any furture announcements.

(Photo: EURweb)

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One thought on “Mary Mary Breaking Up?

  1. I was surprised to hear this but, can understand there are seasons for things in our life. I thank you for your beautiful music & continue to pray for your direction and decision of solo. God rejoices with the music you gave us with a message. Love you both. Proud of your representation of us Black Women.

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