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wendy williams beyonceLoud-mouthed talk show diva, Wendy Williams, is known for her irreverent, no-holds barred take on celebrities, but when she tackled the intelligence — or lack thereof — of reigning R&B diva, Beyonce, the reaction was not quite what she expected.


The Huffington Post reports:

Seconds after declaring herself a fan of the singer, talk show host Wendy Williams went on to diss the singer, effectively calling her dumb. While talking about Beyoncé’s upcoming self-directed HBO documentary about her life, Williams slammed Bey:

“I am a Beyonce fan. I’m gonna watch her upcoming documentary because fortunately one of the TVs in our kitchen has closed captioning so I’ll be able to understand what she says. You know Beyonce can’t talk. She sounds like she has a fifth grade education.”

The studio audience booed in response to Williams and she got a little defensive:

“Excuse me, I just said I was a fan. But we have to call a spade a spade.”

Beyonce’s less than stellar grammar seems to be a recurring criticism for the ‘Run The World’ songstress, whose letter to First Lady Michelle Obama garnered harsh responses and even laughter. When she was honored with an award from the National Association of Black Journalists, the jaws of serious wordsmiths around the nation collectively hit the floor.

Still, she is one of the most celebrated and accomplished  women in the world –  and that is something that can be respected.

As for Wendy, well, she’s just being Wendy. It’s surprising that anyone is surprised by anything that she says.

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50 thoughts on “Wendy Williams Disses Beyonce: She Sounds Like She Has A Fifth Grade Education

  1. Stephanie Allen on said:

    Wendy did not lie so why hate on her.truth is truth and it don’t change. Why when anyone have an opinion about anything now it’s they’re hating.Opinion….like an asshole everyone has one.

  2. S. Collins on said:

    Wendy is not hating on Beyoncé…She has merely stated a fact about Beyoncé. I listened to a song written by Beyonce several years ago and I inquired as to who was singing and what were they saying? After hearing the name of the artist, “Beyoncé” and having the opportunity to allow her to redeem herself by listening to another song under her name, I had no interest in ever listening to any of her music, let alone purchasing. It will be interesting what path Baby Blue Ivey follows. Education v. Entertainment!

  3. Special on said:


    • steve on said:

      Special i am not defending Wendy, but the very same thing she is talking about is what you just did in your commentary. look at your grammar and spelling. it tells me a lot about your education. if you want to be taken seriously you may want to at least look as if you have an educated opinion and not just one person who sounds unintelligent defending another.

  4. djanddylangrandmama on said:

    Being a high school drop out does not equate with not being able to articulate oneself…I run into people daily that are college grads and STILL speak slang straight out the hood….so yes, Bey may need to learn to articulate herself better, but not because she didn’t finish high school…and I believe more importantly that words that come out of her mouth are pure and from the heart.

  5. Sandra L. Hamilton on said:

    Wendy is a hateful individual. She needs to record her voice sometime. In this case, it’s not how you say it. It’s what you say, and Wendy has said too much. Maybe if she got rid of her big breast, her big mouth wouldn’t overload her flat azzz. She already looks like she is going to topple over. She wears
    ill fitting clothes that encourage her to waddle like a 6 foot geisha. Her ugly, cheap wigs make her look like a drag queen, Sorry Rue-Paul I know that’s an insult, butshe isn’t as pretty as you.

  6. Kimberly on said:

    Beyonce should hire some private tutors to help her express herself more intelligently. She is on the world stage and should represent her people more intelligently.

  7. I personally don’t like it when other people (Wendy Williams) take cheap shots at others like Beyonce for no unknown reason Except jealousy!!. Beyonce is a total package. She is beautiful, charming, successful, a young mother, devoted wife, endless talent and not to mention “RICH”.
    With all this going on in her life, who need education? She is the “Education”. Some people just
    don’t like it when you have it all. Wendy you keep saying you are a fan of her’s, I can’t tell by the
    comments you made about her. I’m sure she could say a lot more about you, but that’s not in her
    character to stoop that low. Beyonce if more people was like you, the world would be a much better place. So keep your chin up, take care of hubbie, baby blue and do you.
    I wish much love too you, my girl Beyonce.

  8. I am not a fan of Wendy or Beyonce however I bet Beyonce was laughing all the way to the bank when she signed yet another huge deal (Pepsi) and I guess they don’t don’t care if she sounds like he has a 5th grade education LOL!!!!!!!!

  9. WhoDat forever on said:

    Two thumbs ups for Victor Hayes! I agree with him. Wendy calling Bey out for ratings with her ugly camel looking She-Man Azzzz!!!

  10. Our society is sick and Wendy is a troubled sister. The fact that we get joy and entertainment in seeing other people belittled and ridiculed really speaks to our state of mind. Some wise words that I received once are that, when people spend a great deal of time criticizing others it usually indicates a problem within themselves. It may very well be that Wendy is not quite comfortable with herself inside and out, particularly her body image; her height, knocked knees, and lopsided figure.

    If she’s doing what she does for the money and ratings, then that proves that she’s even more troubled. No one with any level of principles or integrity would engage in such nonsense. Words have power. We all know that there is life and death in the tongue. If she’s not careful, her own tongue will be the cause of her demise.

  11. Wendy is really sad, no matter what a person does, or not doing, I don’t think you should call anyone
    dumb, she was out of line, and there are a-lot of people out there who could use more education,
    wendy is rude, and she really has no class, WENDY IS SUPPOSE TO GOSSIP AND CALL PEOPLE NAMES, THAT IS ALL SHE HAS,,, she is not anyone’s role model, Just like she had those fake tears,
    for whitney houston, all through the years she DOGGED her out,, everyday, she talked about her like a DOG,,, just like all those reality shows, where woman Knock , each other down, for no reason, this is wendy’s way of getting her ratings up, and plus wendy has nothing else , I wish we could all sign
    up to get this show cancelled, they took off mo’nique for her shabby AZZ, she has no respect for anyone, really wendy is getting out of hand, and I think her producers, need to have a serious talk
    to her, about her comments, and how she speaks about people’s private lives. Calling, people dumb
    is not the way to uplift anyone, even if she is a fan, beyonce, is a person and a human being, and does not deserved to be called dumb,, wendy needs to change her way of speaking.

  12. So many haters with time on their hands. Wendy is going for ratings while the Beyonce haters take pleasure out of someone else’s public humiliation. What’s bad about it is it’s one black woman attacking another. At the same time Wendy is giving a pass to others who, unlike Beyonce, really deserve this line of criticism like several rappers, athletes, dingy pop singers, etc.

  13. AMEN! I totally agree with Wendy. I’ve been saying for years that she doesn’t speak well……AT ALL! No, I’m not hating, just being truthful.

    • Bey is very good at what she does but she could use some type of speech therapy. I have always said that Bey does not speak well. Wendy just spoke the truth.

  14. Alondon on said:

    I think Beyonce has major talent; however, correct grammar, conversational english, is not one of them, but she isn’t the only one. Can someone say Mary J, Blige, Fantasia, etc.? With all the money they have, they should hire an English Teacher or don’t speak publicly. And as Judge Judy says, “Beauty Fades and Dumb is Forever.”

    • I agree. You can be as beautiful as beautiful can be but when one does not speak correctly it over-shadows one beauty. Bey, please go take some speaking classes, gurl. It will enhance your beauty even, more.

  15. JEALOUS HATERS…!!! We all know many people out there who’s literacy is absolutely questionable, celebs or not! Wendy may consider herself a fan but my own personal opinion is that her statement was more based on her feeble attempt at using Beyonce’s celebrity, as she does so many other celebs, to try to energize a failing talk show and her own journalistic career rather than any true interest in Beyonce’s literacy. Besides, is there a letter that Wendy wrote to the First Lady posted on YOUTUBE and read around the world??? Is the First Lady publicly thanking Wendy for sending her that letter in the same forum? The answer is NO!!! SMH

  16. truthhurts on said:

    Bey is a great performer, a great singer but a horrible speaker. She is somewhat illiterate; a high school dropout and it is reflected in her speech, public speaking and writing. A GED cannot correct so much lost time and education. Wendy may be tasteless at times but she had a valid point.

    • Has anyone on this list written a song and been published or considered by the entertainment media to be one of the greatest entertainers / performers of this generation? It is quite obvious that Beyonce can continue her education an improve her so-called literacy, but their is nothing that Wendy Williams can do to improve the ugliness that she represents in the inside and definitely on the outside!

  17. Wow, I had heard a comedian, I think it was De Ray Davis make fun of her Texas accent but other than that I have not paid attention to her when she speaks. Just someones opinion I guess.

  18. With all the money she has she can fix her writing and grammar issu. She can have a tutor come to her home and help her develop better speaking and writing skills. Singers don’t seem to care about being polished anymore. We pick up a lot of our skills initally from our parents. I don’t think Wendy said anything Beyonce isn’t aware of herself. Instead of Beyonce taking offense (and you know she did) ,she should work on improving a weakness that’s highlighted by her being famous.

  19. One more thing. I think members of the audience were booing because they disagreed with Wendy and did not believe Beyonce deserved that line of criticism. But they must have forgotten where they were. It’s Wendy, what else would expect from her?!

  20. Wendy only said,what we already knew and i was just telling a male friend of mine ‘s the same thing the day before . I too cringe when she speaks even when she was on the View.

    • On one point you speak the truth. On the average, Beyonce does use bad grammar. Which is sad because she obviously does not know any better. On another point you are incorrect. Wendy’s comment was no exaggeration.

    • If that ‘s average I hate to hear the illiterates ,they will definitely lose us all.I like B” but the girl know she sound like a tact head and she also know she ‘s not fooling us with the baby business she had a surrogate, reason for the shut down of hospital.

  21. Beyonce is not the be all that many people thinks she is. Tell us all about your pregnancy. All these headless shots of a baby bump are for those who says there is proof. Please stop tryong to pull the wool over peoples’ eyes. Beyonce has even the first lady thinking she is all that and as a result they want to give her an award for a poorly written letter she sent the first lady. Wake up world, Beyonce hides behind a lot of anomalies and expect any short comings she has (as we all do) to just go away, because she is…Beyonce. Not. Wendy says some things that make you cringe, but other times she is on point.

  22. snetbabe on said:

    If you’re going to be someone that millions of young women look up to and imitate at least TRY to sound educated. It takes more than shaking your booty to make it in this world!!!!

  23. Speech_Lady on said:

    She sounds uneducated when she speaks. We have to remember that her writing and speaking skills are for entertainment and are not for academia.

  24. Speech_Lady on said:

    She sounds uneducated when she speaks. We have to remember that her writing and speaking skils are for entertainment and are not for academia.

    • HairMaven on said:

      I would have to disagree with you Speech Lady. Its not about entertainment vs academia; its basic voice and diction.2Chains sounds as ignorant as Lil Wayne but 2Chains is a highy intelligent brotha. Its an act to make major paper on his part but it is not an act for Beyonce. As wonderful as she is from an entertainment standpoint, she needs to complete her package by hiring a speaking coach. True divas Tina Turner, Diana Ross, Patti Labelle, etc. speaks very well. When Beyonce speaks, she sounds like she has a mouh full of marbles. Everyone has flaws, but it is important to correct those flaws to the best of your ability

  25. I don’t really pay much attention to Bey, is her speech and grammer that poor? This is the first time I am hearing about a letter she wrote to the first lady. Was the grammer that bad? Guess I’m lost. Well, nobody is perfect. Fantasia couldn’t read, but that doesn’t mean people still can’t be talented in other areas. Wendy is just being Wendy. That is what she does. SOmetimes people just don’t like the hear the real raw truth about people that LOTS OF PEOPLE love around the world.

    • Yeah, but Fantasia does not use words like “dis” and “dat” in place of “this” and “that”. Fantasia speaks very eloquently for someone who couldn’t read. Besides, Bey make too much damn money to not know how to speak correctly.

      dtown: Not trying to be funny but I have to ask, where have you been to have not ever heard the way Bey speaks? SMH!

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