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Looks like today’s gonna be a good day for Chris Bosh … moneywise.

And why is that? Well, the Miami Heat superstar lucked out when a judge in Orlando sided with him in his attempt to be deemed an official resident of Texas instead of Florida.

You may be wondering why Bosh keeps claiming he doesn’t live in Florida three years into his contract with the Heat.

As we’ve previously reported, his childs mother – Allison Mathis – is only getting $2,600-a-month in child support from him because of a ruling in Texas, which Bosh claims as his official residence.

Had Bosh been found to be a Florida resident, he’d be looking at $30,000-a-month in child support for the next 15 years, reports Jose Lambiet’s Gossip Extra.

The once-couple has been in a three-year battle over child support for their three-year-old daughter. The Heater has since married another woman, Adrienne Bosh. They have an infant son.

Jane Carey, Mathis’ attorney, called today’s ruling a “miscarriage of justice” and promised to appeal.

“Everybody knows that Texas is rough on horses and women,” Carey said. “Now, I guess that any young man in Florida who makes big money should get a Texas address before they have a baby.

“They’ll save a lot of money that way.”

Judge Evans said he based his decision on one set of documents: Bosh’s income-tax filings, sent to the IRS from Texas.

(Photo: EURweb)

53 thoughts on “Chris Bosh Scores Big in Child Support Case

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  2. I guess everyone seems to think that his son is worth more than his daughter. She shouldnt have had to take him to court for an increase, he makes millions. His gold digging spouse spends more than $2600 on shoes per month and I am sure his son gets access to much more $$ per month. Karma will come for him when he least expects it and one day his daughter will want to know why her lifestyle was so different from her brothers. It is just not right.

  3. If you have to make a man take care of what he made he is a poor excuse of a man. I read this woman was working , was laid off that’s when she ask for more money. Why would she have to go to court and beg for their child? Chris osh is not a man.

  4. Unbelievable-I can’t even fathom that there would anyone who would side with the mother in this case. An “extra” $31,200 a year tax free-should be enough to raise a child in Florida, in California, and in NYC. Not to mention-this is what-he is contributing-it doen’t include what she should be contributing-(which we know is not half of what he is paying)-but whatever she pays to support her child. The fact that she laid down with a millionaire does not exclude her from providing support to her daughter as well. At the end of the day-the child is being supported well beyond adequate financial obligation. It is not Chris Bosh’s obligation to support the mother. In addition-I am sure any man for that matter would not be objectionable to paying for the support of his child-if there were some accountability that the money would be used for the child and not for the mom’s new car/house/mani-pedi-whatever. I like the gentleman’s idea of a law that would not enforce child support for unwed mother/fathers (although a bit drastic-but likely would be effective in some cases-but in the end the kids will suffer) as any man or woman with a child should feel an internal obligation to take care of his/her child. The issue is who determines what is enough and how it is spent. I would propose an account system similar to a credit card to the payee for the child. The payor would be able to see that his/her money was being spent on the child. I would also mandate that a portion of the money would be set up to build a future spending account for education (if possible). Stop the madness and Gold diggers!

  5. What some people on this blog do not understand is that your official residence does not change until you change it. He can live in Florida forever but if he does not officially change it, his residence is Texas. I wanted to change my residence when I was stationed in Texas but Georgia has a strict set of rules for changing residency (probably because they do not like losing tax revenue) and I was not in Texas long enough to change residency. However, if you do not file paperwork to change your residency, you residency does not change. Each state is different but I am just speaking form my speaking experience. Where you file taxes goes a long way to determining residency.

  6. Get a job heffa, you are no different from the next woman. Go live large and in charge on someone else’s dime. I received $950 per month for two kids in Texas and I was satisfied. Let me add to the fact my nursing salary granted us a comfortable life. I worked and still work.

  7. Mz Mazes on said:

    I think 2600 a month is enough. Some women kill me, but this goes on all the time. The question is when they were still together, why she didn’t take advantage of the situation and go to college? They are so busy buying this and buying that, they forget about that man making it official by getting married. I’m sure he pays for insurance and for school. I would make it an even 5000 a month, but 2000 of that will be put in a trust fund the baby mama can’t touch it. So by the time she turns 18, she will have almost a half million dollars. Now that’s a great idea. For the judge to rule in his favor, he had to show what all he was doing no and for the future. So he may already have a trust fund set up. The child is leaving good, but she’s mad because sh don’t want to work and leave a glamorous lifestyle. So we may see her on basketball wives soon.

  8. If you are not a Christian, this is not talking to you as no one can convince anyone of something they do not believe. Why don’t two adults check out the message they are sending to a child having babies without having a commitment to each other. There are major consequences to being wrong in the first place, so when the premise is not correct in the beginning, expect the end to be incorrect also. He who is without sin, cast the first stone. If a stone was before me, I would have to leave it alone. Come on folks keep it real- if you are jacked up and sin, dont try to be sanctimonious and claim foul when your consequences come knocking at your door.
    Stop making babies out of wedlock- zip,clip,snip and keep a lock on your hips! David was a man after Gods own heart, but he sinned and there were dire consequences. Don’t start with the all babies are a blessing either. David’s baby with Basheba – do you know what happened to him? Romans 9, God talks about hating Esau and Pharaoh was for the purpose he was for with his heart being so cold. Start learning how to really love God and your neighbor as you would self instead of being so selfish and hurting the man or women and even children who don’t have say, but also suffer consequences of selfish adults!

  9. kingston10 on said:

    All I’m reading is a bunch of angry bitter comment against Bosh’s ex. Seriously, who determines how much it takes to raise a child? Do you all have children of your own? Have you all seen the cost of groceries, much less clothing these days. Also, why does everyone assume baby moms, ex wives who are now baby moms want the money to support their life style. GTFOH. Fact is his son is living by much higher standards than his daughter and if its a matter of her being a dead beat mom he should take his child and raise her. He is a pitiful excuse for a man. It’s much easier to pay 2600 or 30,000 a month than it is to be a full time parent! He’s a b a*^ ni$&a for even going through those extremes. He needs to take a page out of Diddy or Russel’s book and stop being an arse. He obviously hates that woman and he is just as much to blame for having a child out of wedlock as she is. You all kill me.

  10. Reading all of your comments, I cannot help thinking what kind of message he is sending to that child and as the child growns up knowing his father gave his halp brother the world, but would only give his child 26,000, that is chunk change to him, no, the baby do not need a lot of money but this man has millions !, I would give the baby twice that amount because he is my child and just as good as his other child. If I was the new wife, I would be ashame of my husband for being so petty. as far as I can see Bosh is a dead beat day, take a hink from teammate Wade, take care of the child ( for real!)
    Karma is a bitch sometimes and with 2 heads!!!

  11. She lives in Orlando, Florida based on other stories I have read he does get his daughter and spend time with her. In addition he gave her 250,000 from the proceeds of a house he sold. She needs to chill out. She should have bought her a resonable house cash, banked the rest and lived off the 2600 he gives her a month with no house payment. It’s not his fault she did not do right by the money and she is not the basketball player and was never his wife.

  12. The one thing that ought to be said is I’ll bet when he was laying pipe and made that child he didn’t give a care what planet he was on, least of all what state! Let her attorney get a judge to say that he can’t have any access to his child and let’s see if he gives a damn or he probably wouldn’t care because the all mighty dollars seems to mean more to him than his own blood!!!!!

  13. Miss Beverly on said:

    Daycare in dc for infants and toddlers can approach $2000 per month. I hope she can swing these costs plus rent,food transportation,etc. I hope she can find work. She made a poor decision . I wish her well.

  14. I am a single dad of 3 children 2 are in college and the youngest in high school and I and I am blessed that I don’t need child supprt nor do I get it. $2600 is more than enough money to raise a child in DC or Boston or Miami or Houston . Come on folks you can clothe and feed and day care and when the child gets older you can pay to send them to private school. Anything more is just pure greed she should have thought about it before she connected with Chris

  15. informed one on said:

    Score a win for decency! Ladies, I have an idea that I would love to get some feedback from you on…. Scenario is this. The law nationwide is, if you have a baby out of wedlock you are not going to receive any form of legally enforced child support! What do you think would happen if women knew this before getting pregnant by a man they are not married to?

  16. I do think its a good win for Bosh, but ladies be real AND honest. If you were in this ladies, shows and you had the chance to get more money (because it was the law), then you would have tried also. They tried and it didn’t work out. Oh well. SHe doesn’t need that much money, but if the law said she was entitled, then go for it. I ain’t mad at her for that. Now they just have to live with the ruling. Right is right and the judge gave the riling. His baby momma (who is FINE) should just move on.

  17. Redina on said:

    This is a great win for Bosh, with the focus being on how much he makes instead of the motive behind his baby mom is just crazy
    She would not let him take the child Overseas to the Olympics because she couldn’t go. This isn’t about him not supporting. His child, this is about him not supporting the lifestyle that baby momma wants to live. I know Jay Anthony Brown had to have a good laugh at her Lawyer out of this outcome “Excuse me back!”

  18. Mister on said:

    31, 200 thats the amount she recieves a year in child support. That’s more than some people make at a job. Why not go out and get a job and put something on top of that and her and her child could live comfortably. But instead she wants to go back and forth to court trying to get more. Can anyone say GOLD DIGGER!!!

  19. This woman should chill before the situation escalates into something that there will be no going back from. She should accept that she made a not-too-smart decision (to get pregnant in the first place) and move on!!!! And yes, it is the woman’s decision and responsibility if she becomes pregnant, please stand back all equal-opportunity-political-correctness yappers! Let reality in for a change, please. When men have as many birth control options as women, then we can revisit the problem of who’s picking up the check. But really, these women need to stop listening to these puerile love/rap songs that tell them their swag is much better than another woman’s. It all de same in de dark!!!!

  20. NeciBaby on said:

    Maybe she should move to Florida n file. All that damn money he make he shouldnt care bout payn more for his child. That wife better watch out bc if they breakup she could b next. {When sumone show u who they r; believe them.} Ijs!!

  21. I wonder if he has a relationship with their child. If I was his wife I would definitely be looking out for myself and my child. If he can walk away from one he can also walk away from another one when he gets tired of being married to her in a few years. Hopefully he set up some sort of a trust for his child he had with the first woman.

    I feel bad for the child who is caught in the middle of two adults dislike for one another. God has a way of balancing things out. Mr. Bosh you won’t be young and strong forever.

    • Bosh has already been in a custody dispute with that child’s mother: she refused to let him take the baby to the All Star game unless she could come along. He does spend time with the child. That mother is just being another woman who had a baby by someone famous and expected to have a good life at his expense. $2,600 is WAY more money than the average citizen makes and support 2 or more kids with. And another thing: have y’all read that story about this woman that collects the sperm of athletes and sells it to women JUST SO THEY CAN RECEIVE $20,000 checks? One athlete went to court because he NEVER met the child’s mother, she bought his sperm from that lady, and now he has to pay support?

  22. fhsmct on said:

    BC, it doesn’t just “seems to be no accountability”, there is no mechanism to hold the person receiving child support accountable for how they spend the check. and you are absolutely correct in the fact that it’s “child support” not alimony/spousal support. Years ago, when Oprah did a show and SI dedicated an episode to the subject of jocks and chid support, that was one of the issues raised. Numerous jocks, who were making their child support payments lamented the fact that, when they picked up their kids, Mom is outfitted “to the nines”, driving a luxury car, etc, etc yet the jock would still have to buy the kid decent clothes . . .

  23. angelr on said:

    Clearly the only issue here was what state support calculator should be used. It appears to be a clear issue to me he lives in Texas and works in Florida (although I doubt he spends enough time in one particular place with the game schedule; I recognize more than likely he spends more of his days in Florida than Texas, you have to remember he is a contract employee. I am concerned that what is being looked at is the money and not how much time the father spends with this child, why is she not fighting for the child’s right to have access to more money via a trust set up for the benefit of the child? Profiting from child support is selfish!

  24. The fact of the matter is that it takes 2 people to raise and support a child. Just because she had a baby by a NBA player does not mean she is entitled not to work or contribute to their child’s upbringing. That’s nonsense and shouldn’t be a life plan for any woman. He’s one injury away from not having a dime. Reference all the players who are now not playing and stuck with monster child support orders. A child is not a paycheck and far too many women use child support in the wrong way. Women are not held accountable for what they use they use the money for. If you can truthfully justify $30000 a month, by all means go for it. But we know she can’t so….get a job, do your part and get over it. He didn’t marry you and for future reference, how about put marriage before the baby. The come up plan didn’t work, so move on. Being bitter and dragging this on is not a legacy to leave for your kid.

  25. fhsmct on said:

    I hope there is a “rest of the story” in that he does more for the kid without being asked. The judge ruled based on the law. Granted, he could probably pay more but does anyone REALLY need 5 – 6 figure monthly child support? Furthermore, in a large majority of these cases, it usually later comes out that Moms who got that level of chld support spent most of it on themselves and not the on the child as well as didn’t save a penny towards the child’s future. . .

  26. BC – I have not problem with child support. A non-custodial parent should help to support their children, but let’s not get carried away. We are not talking about spousal support here. We are talking about child support. $2600.00 per month is no small amount and I would think that Bosh is doing more for the child than just send the mother a child support check each month. It would seem to me that more emphasis should be put on how child support money is being spend to determine if the child is indeed benefitting from it. There seems to be no accountability on the part of the parent who is receiving the support.

  27. Thats the problem with child support and women’s sense of entitlement. These women keep wanting to make CHILD support into ALIMONY. It doesn’t matter what the father makes. What’s important is taking care of the child’s needs. The mother can go get a job like every other adult. She is NOT entitled to any of the father’s income unless a judge grants her alimony. No child needs 30k per month to live comfortably. Hell, $2600 per month makes that child a 2%er. Most kids get along quite well with far less. She’s getting more than most people take home from their regular job. The gold digger mentality says how can he make so much money and pay so “little”. It’s called having a unique talent that people are willing to pay big money for. Since she obviously doesn’t have that talent, she gets nothing. The child is being provided for and that’s enough.

  28. Unbelievable! I know that some women take advantage of these guys but this woman’s getting less money from a millionaire than I make as a middle-class American! It must be a black thing! LOL but it’s not really funny!

    Eric R. McCarroll

    • I wonder if people would feel the same if Bosh was a rich white man and this was his child? We can’t afford to holler racism when it’s convenient! If Bosh was my dad I would be embarrassed & ashamed if $2600/month is what he thought of me!

  29. I be darn if that is all he will paying. I have a cousin in Texas that had to pay almost double that amount and do not even make millions only a small six-digit figure and provide home (but I guess she was an ex-wife and not a girlfriend who had a baby with a professional athlete). GO FIGURE!!!

  30. I see why amounts differ from state to state because of cost of living, but no person needs $30k per month to take care of a child unless that child has a disability. I mean, child support is just the money; part of support rulings include healthcare and education, which are separate from the dollar amount. I had a $500 order against my son’s father, but he was also supposed to put our son on his health insurance and pay for half of any education expenses as long as he was a full time student. He never did that, but it was ordered. So why would anyone need more than $5k (maximum) per month to raise a child? He worked for it, while she are trying to f*%k for it!

    Just because the one parent is a millionaire, doesn’t mean the other parent gets to become one with child support. If the child support amounts stayed a realistic amount, you wouldn’t have all these groupies running around trying to get a come-up.

  31. I think a person that makes the kind of money that he makes should pay more. I heard that the mother of his child has to file for food stamps. If that is true he should be ashamed.

    • Michael J on said:

      Most of the women commenting on here if they receive child support probably receive less than $2600 a month. We all know that is enough to raise a child. This case is probably in the minority with its ruling. I applaud it. Her attorney now has to take a smaller fee for her services.

  32. why is the mom not working? They should just name these kids CHILD SUPPORT CHECK.
    She’s mad at him for not wanting to marry her.I know some women that would be glad to get what she gets a month for one child.Also child support is not for the mother;s hair and nail.Guy’s invest some of your money in rubbers,or maybe keep it in your pants.

  33. I think it need to be a cap put on child support, say 5,000 a month 2,000 for college fund and carry the kid on your helth plan. 5,000 is more than enough to take care of a kid. GO BOSH, THINK THE JUDGE IS TIRED OF SEEING WOMEN GET THINGS FOR FREE.

  34. This is a bunch of crap.this idiot judge is on someone payroll. How can he make that kind of money and pay 2600 a month. They need to go to Texas and start there this is a joke for someone who is making the money he is making

      • That’s a 1% comment! If I made the money Bosh makes I wouldn’t need a judge to tell me how much to pay. I wonder if that logic applies to many white children? Chris Bosh should pay more because he wants to! I can’t stand my son’s mother but there’s nothing I wouldn’t do for her or him because it was all good when we did what we did to make him! It’s all about the child people, all about the child!

        Eric R. McCarroll

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