A Texas mother, Sonja Cross, is upset with a local elementary school after learning her son was not allowed to use the bathroom because he had not earned allowance,

The J.O. Davis Elementary teacher requires students to pay for trips to the toilet with “Boyd Bucks,” fake money used to reward the children for good behavior.

Cross learned about the “pay system” after her 7-year-old son returned home upset and embarrassed over peeing his pants in front of his peers because he did not earn enough “money” to use the bathroom.

After learning about the incident, Cross spoke to school administrators who told the unidentified teacher to stop using the system.

The teacher is not facing any disciplinary action.

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4 thoughts on “Teacher Allows Boy to Pee Pants Over ‘Pay System’

  1. What an idiotic way to teach children the value of good deeds and “Earnings”. I mean I can understand the concept, but in NO WAY should “Boyd Bucks” be used for regulary bodily functions such as using the bathroom! The system should be used to earn extra chill minutes or to buy out of classroom chores, but to make a child use the bathroom on theirselves is JUST TRIFLING!!!!

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